Gamers2 secure European LCS Promotion Tournament spot with 2-0 win over Denial EU

by theScore Staff Aug 11 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of N/A / Gamers2

Both games were sloppy, but Gamers2 emerged victorious, sweeping Denial EU 2-0 to secure the final EU LCS promotion spot. They will place against either Gambit Gaming or SK Gaming to determine who will take possession of the LCS spot.

The loss comes as particularly bitter for Denial, who were sent down to the third place match after reportedly being DDoSed in their semifinal series against Dignitas EU.

Here's how the series played out.

Game 1

The early lane swap went heavily into Denial’s favor, as their Tristana pick applied tremendous tower pressure and kept SmittyJ down in farm. Things continued to go well for Denial when a gank by Kirei spelled First Blood for Woolite.

Although G2 found a strong early team fight, punishing Woolite’s overaggression, Denial started to pull ahead with a few kills and solid team fights all started by Kireir’s Rengar.

G2 continued to try and pick fights, but with their lead, Denial came out ahead time and time again. SmittyJ couldn't get past the tank wall of Wickd and Kirei, leaving CozQ and Woolite free to wreak havoc. With the lead in gold, kills, towers and dragons, the game was quickly snowballing out of control.

Gamers2 tried to stall the game with a split-push, but Denial didn't take the bait and rushed down the top lane. Before G2 could blink, Denial had taken the Inhibitor and both Nexus towers. However, G2 managed to rally and win the fight 5-for-2 when Denial overstayed their welcome in an attempt to finish the game. With the Ace, Gamers2 not only saved the game, but also took the lead in gold and the Baron for free.

Sensing blood in the water and with their confidence renewed, Gamers2 surged forward to regain map control. With the momentum completely reversed, G2 took an overwhelming team fight win near dragon. Not wasting any time, they quickly shoved all the way down the mid lane and closed out the match as the members of Denial scrambled to find some answers.

Game 2

A well-worked dive under the Tier 1 tower mid by Kikis and PerkZ meant CozQ took a spill and Gamers2 secured an early First Blood. The lane swap also went much better for Gamers2 than it did in Game 1, allowing them to establish complete control of the jungles and invades to find multiple kills.

Gamers2 got a little too cocky with their lead, and a three man tower dive in top lane turned into a complete disaster when Denial collapsed, ending in a 3-for-1 to Denial. Despite the small hiccup, Kikis and PerkZ were snowballing hard and Gamers2 ended up securing all of the Tier 1 towers and dragon to take firm control of the game.

By 20 minutes, Gamers2 had a solid 5k gold advantage, three dragons, and PerkZ was completely out of control with a 6/0/5 scoreline. When PerkZ went a little too deep and got blown up immediately, Gamers2 still came out on top thanks to SmittyJ and Jesse cleaning up the fight.

However, despite their massive lead, Gamers2 struggled to close it out and didn’t seem to know what to do to crack Denial’s base. They tried to take a Baron, but Denial responded in time and won the fight 3-for-2, extending the game even further. Over time, CozQ was becoming a monster with seven kills under his belt.

PerkZ made a massive blunder by showing bottom lane to clear a wave with Denial in control of the Baron pit. Without hesitating, Denial started the objective and secured it just as Gamers2 arrived. Turning for the fight, Denial crushed the disorganized Gamers2 and took the mid lane Inhibitor as their reward.

The tables were turning against G2, and Denial looked to be in a position to make the comeback as they secured vision around the dragon. But SmittyJ played the hero, Teleporting in and landing a massive Flash-Ki Burst combo that instantly wiped four members of Denial off the map in the blink of an eye.

With the game officially saved, Gamers2 pushed for the win and slammed the door on what looked like a comeback in the making.

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