Fnatic stay undefeated; smash Unicorns of Love 3-0 in EU LCS semifinals

by theScore Staff Aug 16 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games

Europe's best team continued their roll.

Fnatic left no room for error, dispatching the Unicorns of Love 3-0 to secure their spot at Worlds.

The series grows Fnatic win streak to 21, and the Championship Points acquired as an EU LCS finalist guarantees Fnatic's place at the 2015 World Championship. As a result of the loss the Unicorns drop down into the third place match to face H2K.

Here's how the series played out.

Game 1

The series opened up with standard lanes, which Fnatic easily won thanks to farm leads across the board. Getting things started early, Reignover dove the top lane tower to take down Vizicsacsi and secure First Blood.

Already 1k down and feeling the heat, the Unicorns tried to set up a gank in the bottom lane. However, a misplay by Hylissang cost them the kill on Rekkles and Huni Teleported down to turn the fight around, securing a 3-for-0 for Fnatic.

Things were quickly getting completely out of control for Fnatic, and at 10 minutes their 3k gold lead was the largest of the entire season. Fnatic was relentless with their advantage, invading the UoL jungle and dominating the map. Even when taking a full team fight between the Unicorns’ towers, Fnatic came out on top 3-for-2.

By 20 minutes, the Unicorns were facing down a ridiculous 10k deficit and could do nothing to stop Fnatic from taking an uncontested Baron buff. Fnatic’s 1-3-1 split push was unstoppable, and the Unicorns quickly folded under the pressure. One ace later, Fnatic extended their unbeaten streak to 19.

Game 2

It was the Unicorn’s turn to strike first, killing Huni when he face checked directly into H0R0 near the top lane. The lanes were also much more even than in Game 1, with equal farm for almost every player.

Fnatic got on the board and claimed the lead with a dive in the top lane, killing Vizicsacsi and destroying his tower. However, they stumbled with an over aggressive dive in the bottom lane that cost them four kills when PowerofEvil and Hylissang arrived to turn the fight around. Shaking off the setback, Fnatic repeatedly dove the Tier 1 bottom lane, and this time successfully picked up two kills and the tower to restore their hold on the game.

Baiting the Baron, Fnatic pulled off the classic death brush maneuver and picked up two kills when the Unicorns came to check, growing their gold lead to 4k.

Cranking up the pressure, Fnatic used their tremendous speed to force a fight in the mid lane, chasing down the fleeing Unicorns and easily cleaning up three kills. Off of the power play, Fnatic secured not only the mid lane Inhibitor but the Baron as well.

Feeling the game slipping away from them, the Unicorns tried desperately to kill Rekkles in the bottom lane. But the Fnatic carry slipped away, and the rest of Fnatic collapsed to crush the Unicorns in a clean Ace that spelled the end of the game.

Game 3

For the second game in a row it was the Unicorns who found the early First Blood, tracking down Huni in his own jungle. However, Fnatic played the lane swap well and was the team on the offensive, gaining vision in the jungle and pressuring the Tier 2s.

The first major team fight broke out in the jungle, starting with a catch onto H0R0 but ending in only a 1-for-1 exchange. Off the fight, Fnatic was able to bring the gold back to dead even, mostly due to a 40 cs lead for Rekkles.

The Unicorns of Love made a significant blunder by attempting to invade Fnatic’s jungle, which cost them two members and put Fnatic 1k gold in the lead. However, PowerofEvil’s mid-lane Devourer Kalye was quickly scaling up, securing a pair of dragons for the Unicorns.

Fnatic was the first team to group up for a major push, shoving down the mid lane and starting a fight near the Tier 2. The Unicorns eventually managed to force them back, but ReignOver walked away with a Triple Kill to his name.

Fnatic continued to snowball hard, using ReignOver as their front line to force fights. Taking a 2-for-0 in the mid lane, Fantic decided secure the Baron in exchange for their bottom lane Inhibitor, which went down to the split pushing PowerofEvil.

The Unicorns’ low waveclear composition could do nothing against the Baron empowered minions, and after a few more team fights Fnatic capped off the series with a Rekkles Penta Kill.

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