BigDaddyN0tail's new team revealed: (monkey) Business

by theScore Staff Aug 28 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Beyond the Summit Flickr

The professional Dota 2 community seems preoccupied with monkeys as a new team called (monkey) Business was revealed, featuring fan favorite BigDaddyN0tail, two ex-compLexity members and as BDN put it "one Dane and one newblood".

As other big team announcements are slowly being revealed, the pieces are starting to fall into place in regards to where those players still teamless will end up for the upcoming fall major.

Miracle is the aforementioned newblood, a Jordanian who famously hit the 8k MMR mark, an achievement most Dota players only dream of. He will be taking the carry role for the new team.

BigDaddyN0tail has been playing support ever since his switch to Dota 2 from Heroes of Newerth but it seems that he is headed back to his HoN roots (and probably no longer playing Io or Chen sadly), taking on the midlane for the team. BigDaddy was left teamless when Cloud9 disbanded following TI5.

Moonmeander and Fly both come from compLexity, but perhaps more importantly both know BDN from their days playing HoN. Fly was N0tail's longtime teammate on Fnatic (both HoN and Dota divisions). Moonmeander was never a teammate, but a rival from those HoN days. compLexity has posted about Moonmeander and Fly's departure.

Finally, Cr1t is the aforementioned Dane. He has not been part of a solid roster for some time, but has bounced around standing in for several teams like eHug and the Balkan Bears. He takes the support role along with Fly.

The full (monkey) Business roster is:

  • Amer "Miracle" Barqawi
  • Johan "BigDaddyN0tail" Sundstein
  • David "Moonmeander" Tan
  • Andreas "Cr1t" Franck Nielsen
  • Tal "Fly" Aizik

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