Report: Mu comments on Hao's return to Newbee

by theScore Staff Aug 31 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Ewa Nowak / The Score eSports

Chen "Hao" Zhihao will be leaving Vici Gaming to rejoin Newbee, according to a report from

According to the report, Newbee player Zhang "Mu" Pan posted on his Weibo social media account, stating that Hao would be joining Newbee.

Hao's return to Newbee was reported a week ago on August 23.

The roster change would mean that Newbee would have six members on their roster; it's currently unknown which player Hao would be replacing.

This will be the second time Hao has been on Newbee; he won The International 4 with the team the last time he was on their roster. As a part of Vici Gaming, Hao achieved fourth place at The International 5.

Newbee and Vici have yet to make a statement about the potential move.

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