Report: Gaming Paradise's CS:GO tournament to continue amidst cancellation reports

by Connor Dunn Sep 8 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Gaming Resorts/Valve

After a series of reports indicating the Gaming Paradise CS:GO tournament had been cancelled, the stream is back online and the players are back in their booths. According to caster Toby "TobiWan" Dawson, the players have reportedly signed a new contract ensuring that they will receive their prize money upon the completion of today's games.

Earlier this morning, it appeared that The Gaming Paradise's CS:GO tournament would be cancelled halfway through the event, according to TobiWan.

This news comes only a day after the organization announced the cancellation of their upcoming Dota 2 tournament.

Gaming Paradise has suffered numerous delays throughout the event due to infrastructure issues. The delays, coupled with the cancellation of the Dota 2 tournament, prompted The Gaming Resorts' CEO, Sasa Bulic, to say that he will likely step down from his position on Monday.

TobiWan went on to report further issues with the event including players passports being held by the police. However, he did say that passports were eventually returned.

With ESL's CS:GO tournament starting on Sept. 10, ESL's Vice President of Pro Gaming, Ulrich Schulze promised to help any of the teams competing at the event to get to Dubai on time.

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