Team YP signs Filipinoman

by Daniel Rosen Oct 8 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Team YP

Team YP has picked up their second Ultra Street Fighter IV player, Anton "Filipinoman" Herrera, the organization announced Thursday.

Filipinoman recently finished in ninth at EVO 2015 and Final Round 18. He currently has 20 Capcom Pro Tour points, putting him at 50 in the CPT rankings. Going by SRK's fighting game world rankings however, Filipinoman is 34th in the world and 26th in North America, making him one of the top Rose players in the west, next to EVO 2014 champion Olivier "Luffy" Hay.

“We’ve already seen some great success from fellow USF4 team YP member Valmaster so we’re delighted to expand our Ultra Street Fighter 4 division with North American player, Filipinoman, as well,” said Brad Burns, the organization's Vice President in a press release. “His fierce, competitive spirit made him a perfect fit for Team YP.”

Filipinoman is best known for his Rose play, however, he made waves at EVO 2015 with his pocket Poison pick. His Poison was strong enough to not only get him ninth place, but also to knock last year's seventh place finisher, Naoto "Sako" Sako, out of the tournament.

Filipinoman's first event with Team YP will be SoCal Regionals from Oct. 9-11, where he'll be defending his ninth place finish from last year's event.

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