Vici Gaming management: "DanDy will be playing jungle [next split]!"

by theScore Staff Nov 16 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of LPL / LPL Screengrab

MOCHA, a Chinese reporter for duowan, interviewed Vici Gaming's management, Choi "DanDy" Inkyu, and Cho "Mata" Sehyeong about next year's plans. During the interview, Vici Gaming told fans DanDy will return to the jungle role next split, and the team will most likely stick with existing players for now. Mata confessed he is considering returning to Korea, but has yet to decide.

There are a few highlights below:

MOCHA: Some people blame LGD's disappointing performance at worlds on picks and bans, and some blame it on internal issues. But when I interviewed TBQ, he said that the reason for their loss was a lack of understanding of the patch. As someone familiar with the scene, what do you think?

VG: In esports, it's a minute on stage, ten years of hard work off-stage. After LGD won LPL, they had a long period of rest. In the esports scene, this is almost taboo - if you let the team rest and relax, they'll definitely get worse. Soloq definitely won't have better results than scrims! Korean team members' visa issues interfering with their practices is also a problem!

MOCHA: Are you planning any roster swaps? Will Vasilii play?

VG: Most likely we'll stay with the same lineup we played in LPL. As for Vasilii, he'll have opportunities to play later!

MOCHA: This split you played with many new players. In the next split, do you plan on introducing more new players?

VG: Because we have our own 'youth academy', we'll look at each player and team performance to find more new players for our main team. VG is never stingy in giving new players opportunities.

MOCHA: What role will Dandy play next split?

VG: Dandy will be playing jungle!

MOCHA: Recently both Deft and Spirit have mentioned they want to return to Korea. What about you, Mata?

MATA: I do not plan on returning to Korea unconditionally. Wherever I end up, as long as I can compete well, I'll be happy! If I want to return to Korea, it will be because of food and Internet, not because of my team.

MOCHA: All-Stars is happening soon. If you could choose who to play with, which four team members would you choose?

MATA: If Gogoing had not retired, I would want to be teammates with him. Midlane I'd choose Rookie and Clearlove for jungle. As for ADC? I want to support Uzi to see what would happen! I'm sure the fans also want to see that!

For the full interview, visit duowan or see the translation on Reddit by user adeliepingu. You can follow the translator, @idiocyncrasy, on Twitter.