NRG eSports acquire NA LCS spot; sign Impact, GBM, Moon and konkwon

by Daniel Rosen Nov 16 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of NRG

A brand new organization called NRG eSports has bought Team Coast's North American LCS spot and will be competing in the 2016 Spring Split, the organization announced Monday.

According to NRG's Twitter page, their lineup will include former Team Impulse and SK Telecom T1 top laner Jung "Impact" Eon-yeong and former Jin Air Green Wings mid laner Lee "GBM" Chang Seok. Their jungler will be Galen "Moon" Holgate, who played for Team Imagine last split, and Kevin "KonKwon" Kwon, who is the only player they've retained from Team Coast's roster. According to a Reddit post made by the team, their AD Carry will be announced later on Monday.

The organization has also signed a strong roster of support staff, with Origen's former coach, Tadayoshi "Hermit" Littleton as their strategic coach, with ex-Cloud9 coach Charlie Lipsie as head coach. Hermit was promoted from analyst to Origen's head coach in September after Titus "LeDuck" Hafner left the organization due to conflicts with the players. He led the team to Worlds' semifinals before it was reported that he was leaving Origen to join an then-unnamed North American team.

According to a report from the Dailt Dot's Jacob Wolf, the investors behind the deal are Andy Miller, a former Apple executive, and Mark Mastrov, the founder of U.S. gym chain 24-Hour Fitness, both minority owners of the Sacramento Kings, an NBA franchise.

This is the second NA LCS team that has sold its spot leading up to the 2016 Spring Split, following Team 8's sale to a group of investors who rebranded as Team Immortals. In Europe, Follow eSports purchased Team Dignitas EU's LCS spot for approximately $1 million USD.

Daniel Rosen is a news editor for theScore eSports. He can't wait for the RNG-NRG matchup. You can follow him on Twitter.