OG defeat Team Secret 3-1; become Frankfurt Major Champions

by theScore Staff Nov 21 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Frankfurt Major Twitch Stream

OG entered the Frankfurt Major as one of the European qualifier winners. They were then knocked into the Lower bracket after coming placing third in their group (behind Vega Squadron and Vici Gaming. Now, they are the winners of Valve's first ever Major.

OG's road to the Grand Final is paved with the bodies of teams experts assumed they couldn't beat. They knocked out Fnatic, Mineski,, CDEC Gaming, EHOME and some little team known as Evil Geniuses en route to the Grand Finals.

It's almost impossible to pick an MVP from this squad, every player showed us that they're deserving of the title at one time or another with their fantastic individual skill and teamplay.

Here's how the Grand Final played out.

Game 1

The game started out with a major clash in the Radiant jungle, with OG taking two kills and Secret taking three. It was a good indication of how the teams wanted to play the early game as the game increased to a 4-4 kill score at the five minute mark.

Secret made interesting use of their lineup, sending EternalEnvy's Anti-Mage to the middle lane and w33's Queen of Pain to the safe lane. Anti-Mage did well against Miracle-'s Invoker and the two swapped lanes once the game reached the 10 minute mark.

Towers were not the objective of choice for either of these teams with almost constant kills (or attempted kills) as the midgame approached. It felt like Synderen hadn't had a word in edgewise as Tobiwan was kept busy casting all the action.

Team Secret made their first big smoke movement around the 19 minute mark but lost a four-for-none fight, making Anti-Mage the only Dire hero ahead of four Radiant heroes in terms of net worth.

With a very fast Orchid and Eul's, Invoker was a devastating counter to w33's QoP, who had died seven times by the 24 minute mark. At the same time, Invoker had overtaken Anti-Mage in net worth, even with Envy farming as hard as he could with a Battle Fury and Yasha online.

OG went for a push in the bottom lane at the 28 minute mark. Secret tried to split push, but OG not only took the bottom barracks but returned to their base in time to save the Tier 3 top and kill Misery's Slardar before he could escape.

Moonmeander's Tusk and Fly's Dazzle had stayed behind and dove the base for a kill on Tiny. Anti-Mage tried to take them on but failed to kill either of them as OG began to return from their defense. OG took down the full set of middle barracks before they all backed out.

As OG pushed in the top lane, Team Secret were sitting in their fountain with four heroes, unmoving. OG worked on buildings while Secret presumably plotted their next move. GG is called as the top barracks fall.

Game 2

Though there wasn't a big Level 1 engagement this time around, the early game got aggressive quickly. A rotation from N0tail's Gyrocopter from the bottom lane found first blood on pieliedie's Rubick when he stole Alchemist's bounty rune at the four minute mark.

From then on, OG got busy. Moonmeander's Clockwerk gave OG an early lead but an extended fight around the Radiant jungle caught Team Secret up with a couple kills for EternalEnvy's Slark.

No team had taken a clear advantage at the 20 minute mark with towers and kills even. OG had secured the first Roshan minutes earlier but the Aegis was used for nothing more than farming time on N0tail's Gyrocopter.

A huge four-for-none fight at the 26 minute mark gave OG an opening to go for the Tier 3 tower bottom. Slark tried to fight them off but they lost Miracle-'s Alch, Clockwerk and Dazzle. Team Secret took the second Roshan, giving the Aegis to Slark.

Secret won a fight and forced Gyro's buyback but OG still took the next Roshan thanks to the Solar Crest on Alchemist. A chase all the way down the middle lane, ending with a Slark kill gave OG the opening they needed to finish off the bottom lane of barracks.

Both teams were ready for the fourth Roshan spawn at the 49 minute mark. Alchemist got Chemical Rage off before Secret jumped him with a Slithereen Crush and OG turned the fight in their favor, securing the Aegis for Gyro and another Cheese for Clockwerk.

With Slark dead from the previous fight, OG took out the Tier 3 in the midlane before heading top for the final remaining Tier 2. OG returned mid and Gyro was able to sit on the high ground hitting barracks uncontested. The full middle set fell and OG moved top as Slark's Monkey King Bar was delivered.

Secret held, taking down Alch/Gyro and Wyvern but all three had buyback and Secret had lost their Tier 3 top. Secret immediately worked to push out all the lanes before OG would respawn.

After a five-man wipe that allowed Secret to take Aegis and Cheese, OG took an impressive engagement that forced Slark to use his Cheese and waste his buy back.

That buy back would be Secret's Doom when Slark tried to Shadow Blade into OG's secret shop and was spotted by a Sentry Ward. QoP was brought down with Winter's Curse and OG were on the chase. They caught up with Slark and with a few lucky bashes from Alchemist he was dead without buy back for 120 seconds. OG went straight for the throne through the bottom lane and Secret were forced to tap out.

Game 3

OG tried something different for this game and sent Cr1t's Tusk to solo while Moonmeander's Earthshaker roamed, trying to set up kills for Miracle-'s Shadow Fiend or N0tail's Sven.

This time, Team Secret took an early lead with a fast Blademail on EternalEnvy's Wraith King and constant Ice Blasts threatening OG from afar. The kills weren't as hot and heavy as the past two games though and Team Secret found themselves with a 10-4 kill lead at the 22 minute mark.

The next big fight for Secret came in the midlane, after which Secret could easily secure an Aegis for w33. The fight around OG's top barracks was less easy as Secret lost Lina, Slardar and Wraith King, who was unable to use Reincarnate during the fight after wasting all his mana.

After a fair amount of back and forth maneuvering, Team Secret found an opening on OG near the river and did everything perfectly in the ensuing fight. Secret fully wiped them before heading to the bottom lane to push. OG tried to defend but were just knocked down again and decided to call GG.

Game 4

OG took an early first blood when Misery's Slardar tried to contest the top rune, giving Miracle-'s Shadow Fiend a nice little gold boost. SF got even farther ahead with a solo kill on w33's Alch.

Shadow Fiend took a fifth kill at the seven minute mark, putting him well on the way towards a very fast Mekansm. With that Mek online plus a Yasha, Team Secret were thinking of sneaking Roshan but lost their nerve and OG sauntered into the pit, taking Aegis for themselves.

With the kill score still at just 7-2 for OG, an Aegis was enough to keep Secret from defending as OG took their bottom melee barracks. EternalEnvy's Juggernaut tried to find a pickoff with an invis rune after OG's retreat but failed to kill Moon's Doom and fed away Misery.

Secret brought things back their way a bit with a big fight that claimed four kills around the 20 minute mark. It helped them finish several big items and stalled OG's roll quite a bit.

OG took the second Aegis for Shadow Fiend at the 23 minute mark, looking to push in the top lane to take the Tier 1 and 2 towers, the last outer towers for Secret remaining on the map.

The siege began on the top barracks after Secret allowed their outer towers to fall. OG very quickly took the barracks with Primal Split keeping Secret at bay. With the Aegis still on Shadow Fiend, OG regrouped and went for midlane but Secret slowed them down until the Aegis expired before chasing OG out of their base.

A fight broke out in the Radiant jungle before Roshan respawned but with two heroes down and Juggernaut's buyback forced out, OG seized the middle Tier 3. Secret ran in with full force as the barracks began to fall but OG did not back down. With yet another big team fight victory, Team Secret called GG and OG became the Frankfurt Major Champions!

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