Millenium parts ways with ForGG amid visa issues

by Josh Bury Dec 3 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of ESL WCS

Visa issues have prevented Millenium from renewing Park "ForGG" Ji Soo's contract, the organization announced Thursday.

Rémy "Llewellys" Chanson, the manager for Millenium's StarCraft II team, explained in a statement that the inability to acquire a visa was the primary reason for the departure.

"It is with sadness today that I announce our separation, but sadly France has not yet succeeded at evolving to the point where a player like ForGG can be free from administrative constraints like visa issues," he said in the statement.

ForGG will return to Korea in order to serve his mandatory two years of military service. He has spent over three years with Millenium, having joined the organization in July 2012.

Llewellys went on to explain that the team would seek to fill the roster spot.

"While no one can replace ForGG, I am already in the process of searching for a new player, which will allow Millenium to continue to grow among Europe's top teams," the statement read.

ForGG was one of the first Korean players to compete in the foreign scene, starting his long tenure in WCS Europe in 2013. Over the course of three years he accumulated three semifinal and two quarterfinal finishes, while also placing highly in a variety of international events.

Known for his unique and aggressive Hellion-heavy mech style, ForGG has long been one of the most dangerous players in Europe, presenting a constant threat to his competitors and providing key support for his teammates during his long tenure on Millenium.

Despite a continually strong presence in the scene, a championship eluded him until he finally won DreamHack Winter in 2014. That win showcased ForGG’s stunning Hellion and Banshee control, and came against the reigning world champion Life, who was at that point indisputably the best player in the world.

ForGG eventually became the epitome of the class of Koreans that played and lived in Europe and America. When region-locking was introduced in 2015, special considerations were made for players who had already lived in their resident countries, and the caveat was dubbed the “ForGG clause.”

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