Gordon Hayward declares his LoL All-Stars team allegiance on NBA TV

by Daniel Rosen Dec 6 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Ronald Martinez / Getty Images Sport / Getty

Rick Fox and Gordon Hayward are at it again, and this time they're ready to call the 2015 League of Legends All-Star Event.

During a segment on NBA TV, host Rick Fox asked the Utah Jazz shooting guard if he's siding with Team Fire or Ice at All-Stars.

"I gotta go with team Ice," he said, 1:51 into the clip. "I Iove these questions man."

Team Ice is made up of players from the European LCS, the LPL, and team CIS representing the International Wildcard regions. They'll be facing off against players from the NA LCS, the LMS and the LCK.

The 2015 LoL All-Stars Event runs from Dec 10-13 in Los Angeles, California.

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