Interview with Eimy, MaRin and Pyl: Regrouping after Worlds and expectations for 2016

by theScore Staff Jan 3 2016
Thumbnail image courtesy of LPL / LGD Twitter

Jang "MaRin" Gyeonghwan recently joined LGD Gaming in China in time for the holidays. He, as well as new jungler Xie "Eimy" Dan and Captain Chen "Pyl" Bo, answered a few questions for theScore about their new roster and looking forward to 2016.

MaRin, you recently went to the LGD Gaming house for the holidays. What are some of your initial impressions of your new team that make it different or similar to SKT?

MaRin: My initial impression after coming to China is that it's very different, and a new experience from what I'm used to in Korea. Having to adapt to a new country has been a special experience and quite exciting. Otherwise it's not that different from being on SKT.

Eimy, you are still relatively new to the LPL and have room to grow. What do you think your main weakness is as a player and how do you think you can improve?

Eimy: I feel that during games I play pretty rushed sometimes. I hope that
in the future I won't get so anxious to win when I play the game.

Pyl, as the team captain, how do you help new players adjust to LGD's environment?

Pyl: I try to be friendly to the new players? Haha... I think I'm the type
of person that is easy to talk to, so it's easy for the new players to
feel close. The team also assembled at our Gaming House in China on
Christmas Eve so we could all go out and have Christmas Eve Dinner
together, which was nice.

Though Acorn will be taking over analyst duties, there is still some expectation that he will play. How will potentially sharing the top lane role impact you, MaRin?

MaRin: I think that sharing the top lane will let us learn from each other, and we will both grow in a better direction.

Playing for LGD now, Eimy, you are still able to work with Heart as a
coach. What was your relationship with him like on Umlimited Potential
and what, if any, impact has he had on you so far?

Eimy: I feel like brothers with Heart, and when I'm with him I don't feel
much pressure. He has definitely helped raise my own understanding and
awareness of the game.

Pyl, when I interviewed you at Worlds, you said LGD had inefficient practice and were over-confident. How will the team work on improving mindset and focus for 2016?

Pyl: It's been a while since Worlds and the players on the team have had a
long time to think about our mistakes and change our mindset. We've
started practicing already for the Spring Season. We've also acquired
some new members as well as a new coach, and Heart and MaRin have
helped us come up with our practice schedule for Spring.

Finally, MaRin, what expectations do you have for your new team in 2016?

MaRin: I would like to win the 2016 World Championships again, and I would like all the players on my team to also look towards being S6 World Champions as their goal. I don't want to have any regrets.

Korean and Chinese to English translation by Paul Park and Jenny Lee. Kelsey Moser is a staff writer for theScore eSports. You can follow her on Twitter.