BunnyFuFuu to start for Cloud9 in Week 1

by Daniel Rosen Jan 14 2016
Thumbnail image courtesy of Damian Estrada / theScore

Michael "BunnyFuFuu" Kurylo will start for Cloud9 in Week 1, Riot announced via their fantasy LCS page.

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Riot's announcement says that BunnyFuFuu will start for Cloud9 in Week 1, but it's unclear if he'll play in both of their games. Cloud9 is slated to play Immortals on Saturday and Echo Fox on Sunday.

Cloud9 later confirmed the news on Twitter.

Cloud9 acquired BunyFuFuu in the offseason, though they announced that he and Hai "Hai" Lam would rotate in and out of the starting support role. Hai previously played jungle for C9 during the 2015 summer split, and mid lane prior to that.

BunnyFuFuu played for Gravity last split, where he had a 3.92 KDA and finished the split in fourth place. Gravity then fell to 5-6th in the playoffs, and were knocked out of the regional playoffs by Cloud9 in the second round.

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