Resolut1on joins Digital Chaos, replaces TC

by Josh Bury Feb 4 2016
Thumbnail image courtesy of Sebastian Ekman / DreamHack Flickr

Update: Digital Chaos posted a statement on their website welcoming Resolut1on to the organization, while also revealing that he will be replacing Tyler "TC" Cook. Digital Chaos thanked him for "his hard work and dedication."

"It is unfortunate that we were not able to find the success we were looking for, but make no mistake; no single person can be blamed," Digital Chaos said in the statement. "Regardless, the organization and team felt this change was necessary to further our progress."

Original Article: Roman "Resolut1on" Fominok has left Team Empire to join Digital Chaos.

The announcement on Team Empire's website confirmed that the Ukrainian mid laner would be heading to North America.

Resolut1on also posted on TwitLonger explaining why he decided to leave for North America.

"For a long time I have been interested to see how well I could do in foreign team, to see the difference in mentality so I can compare. At first I would like to say that it was not a spontaneous decision, I have thought about it a lot and I decided that it will be good experience for me to play with people who think differently, and who have another mentality," he said in the post.

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