Huma analyst and coach accuse owner of not paying players, staff

by Daniel Rosen Feb 23 2016
Thumbnail image courtesy of Team Huma

Team Huma's head coach Kublai "Kubz" Barlas and analyst Jonathon "Kamikazplatypus" McDaniel have taken to Twitter to criticize team owner Behdad Jaafarian, alleging that significant financial issues have made him delay player and staff pay multiple times.

The criticism comes after a report by the Daily Dot's Jacob Wolf, which includes similar allegations made by unnamed sources. It also quotes compLexity Gaming CEO Jason Lake saying his organization attempted to buy Huma for upwards of €60,000. The article also alleges that Jafaarian is looking to sell off star jungler Lucas "Santorin" Larsen to offset his financial issues.

Jaafarian was previously involved with Team Nevo, which eventually merged with G2 Esports, then known as Gamers2. He announced the formation of Huma in January, with a roster featuring ex-Team SoloMid jungler Santorin and ex-Dark Passage AD carry Anil "HolyPhoenix" Isik.

According to a statement posted by Kubz, he was promised a contract as soon as Huma qualified for the EU Challenger Series, but Kubz claims Jaafarian has yet to sign it. Kubz also writes that Riot deemed Huma's player contracts to be illegitimate, and that Jafaarian had the players and staff pay for lawyers to rewrite their contracts out of pocket.

In his own statement, Kamikazplatypus alleges that the only member of Huma that was ever paid on time was team manager Nicole Manning, Jaafarian's girlfriend. He also backs up Kubz's claims that other staff and players were not paid on time, and that Jaafarian was not prepared to run a team.

"At the end of the day, this seemed like a passion project that a foolish person embarked on having absolutely no clue of the carnage he would cause in the lives of all the people he would string along slowly," he wrote.

"People such as the numerous other members of staff who will likely go unnamed for many of these statements such as our graphic designer, our social media manager, our other administrative staff, upwards of 7-8 people (including Kubz, Karl and myself) all completely unpaid for the entire duration of this project strung along with fake promises."

Wolf's report has further allegations that Jaafarian is looking to sell of Santorin to alleviate his alleged financial issues, including claims that Ember, a team in the NA CS, offered Huma $100,000 to buy out Santorin's contract earlier this month. The report states that Larsen is interested in taking this offer.

According to Kubz, Jaafarian also attempted to spread rumors of a "bidding war" on Huma in order to push up the potential sale price of the organization.

Huma finished in the EU CS 2016 Spring Split in second place with a 3-1-1 record, qualifying them for the playoffs, where they'll face off against Inspire eSports in the first round.

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