FORG1VEN conscripted into Greek military, says service begins in March

by Daniel Rosen Feb 25 2016
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Konstantinos "FORG1VEN" Tzourtziou says that he will have to serve in the Greek military before the end of the season.

"Today I woke up and I got a letter from the Greek army that I have to go to my army duty at the end of March," FORG1VEN said on stream after H2k-Gaming's win over Fnatic. "So this means... but... I am maybe lose the normal season again and the playoffs and the summer split because it's nine months duration. So my mind wasn't in the game. It's hard. Because it's again the second time that people take it away from me."

FORG1VEN is referring to a four-game ban for toxicity he received towards the end of the 2015 EU LCS Summer Split that prevented him from playing for his former team, Gambit Gaming, during the summer playoffs.

According to the Greek Embassy in the United States’ infopage on conscription, male Greek citizens between 19-45 are required to serve in the Greek military. This applies to anyone that Greek authorities determine is Greek, regardless of any foreign citizenship or where they were born. FORG1VEN was born in Greece.

As of 2009, service length is nine months for the army, and 12 months for the navy and air force.

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FORG1VEN joined H2K at the beginning of the season, and has played in every one of the team’s spring split games. He previously played for Gambit Gaming and SK Gaming. Should FORG1VEN serve for nine months beginning in March, he would miss most of the rest of the season, the 2016 EU LCS Summer Split and the 2016 World Championships, which are set to take place across the United States.

H2K lost Yoo “Ryu” Sang-ook earlier this split, after visa issues took him off the team’s starting roster after their Week 2 games. Ryu rejoined the team last week. H2K’s head coach Neil “pr0lly” Hammad says that the situation is similar to Ryu’s, and H2K will work to “fight” for FORG1VEN.

“This is pretty parallel to the Ryu situation, where three weeks ago when we were told about it, we had basically just to deal with it instantly and the first week of it was just a waiting game,” pr0lly said on-stream. “So I forsee a lot of stress and unfun nights and days, but I mean, we fought for Ryu and it worked out, and we’re gonna fight for FORG1VEn and it’s gonna work out as well.”

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FORG1VEN has a 7.06 KDA, with most of his games on Corki this split, he also boasts a 100 percent win rate on Lucian.

H2K is currently in a three-way tie for first place in the EU LCS with a 10-3 record. They are set to play against Giants Gaming tomorrow.

After FORG1VEN announced the news, many pros and organizations took to Twitter to send him their support.

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