Rick Fox: esports will be as big as the NHL in 2 years

by Josh Bury Mar 22 2016
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games

Rick Fox isn't just investing in esports — he's helping other sports personalities and investors find their footing in the new environment all the while defending the scene's long-term audience.

TMZ caught up with Echo Fox's charismatic owner outside LAX and asked him about his view on the recent addition of Shaquille O'Neal and Alex Rodriguez to NRG eSports' list of investors.

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His usual gracious self, Fox said he wasn't threatened by their entry to the esports scene, and revealed that he had previously spoken with Shaq about esports.

"The more that get in, the merrier," he said.

But more than that, TMZ asked Fox how long he believed esports had until it surpassed a major sports league.

"It's in that conversation now, it's fifth right now. We're in fifth place, it's coming," Fox replied.

Pressed by the interviewer to provide a concrete number, Fox responded quickly before ducking back into his car.

"In two years, it'll be on par with the NHL," he said.

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