SMASH, Mstco, ztok marked "Ineligible" before roster lock

by theScore Staff Mar 24 2016
Thumbnail image courtesy of Beyond the Summit

Several South American players have been revealed to be "Ineligible" to register for rosters, just days before the roster lock is due to take place.

Both Freddy "SMASH" Siña and Ricardo "Mstco" Román Sandoval registered for Elite Wolves within an hour of each other on Wednesday night, but their appearance on the roster lock list was marked by a bright red word: "Ineligible".

The ineligibility is thought to be related to an incident in the ProDota Cup Americas #3, in which Elite Wolves were accused of matchfixing their 2-0 loss to Infamous. But that incident was thought to have been cleared by Valve, according to a statement on from ProDota Cup owner Sam “Sammy” Manuelson.

According to Team Secret manager Matthew "Cyborgmatt" Bailey, the players were not fully cleared by Valve, though it is unclear whether this is in reference to the specific ProDota Cup incident or other incidents unknown to the community.

Team Archon's David "Moo" Hull says that his new roster is also affected by this, as Jesus "Ztok" Carhuaricra has also been deemed "Ineligible" by Valve.

Though it appears these players have been banned, it is not clear whether they have been simply barred from the Manila Major, or handed a wider-reaching ban. The closest precedent would be individuals from CS:GO teams iBUYPOWER, and Team Torqued, who were permanently banned from competing in Valve-sponsored events.

Teams that were expecting to register with these "Ineligible" players for the Manila Major and TI6 now have a few days left to find alternate players. Any team without a registered roster by March 27 at 12 a.m. PST will be forced to compete in Open qualifiers for both of the next two upcoming Valve events.

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