MacD responds to sexual assault allegations

by Daniel Rosen Mar 31 2016
Thumbnail image courtesy of Nintendo

Top Super Smash Bros. Melee player McCain "MacD" Lavelle has responded to allegations that he sexually assaulted fellow player Brandon "Sparky" Wayne.

In a Reddit post published Tuesday that has since been removed, community writer Linnea "Smapps" Capps claimed Sparky told her he was assaulted on multiple occasions over the course of seven months. According to the post, the incidents began in September 2014 when Sparky was invited to live with Gregory "Sky" Williams, a Smash Bros. caster and League of Legends personality, and continued until May 2015, which was when Sparky moved out. The post further alleged that Sky was aware of the assaults and did not intervene, but Smapps has since said on Twitter that the allegations made against Sky in her post were inaccurate.

MacD denied the claims in a TwitLonger posted Wednesday, stating that he was never asked to stop his advances, though he did physically flirt with Sparky.

"My friends know I'm a very affectionate person, and I show it through touch," he said. "I know I'm a flirty person. I know that sometimes I incorrectly gauge the boundaries of others. It's something I have been working on, but when someone makes the boundaries clear, I stick to them I'm sorry that Brandon felt uncomfortable, but it was a confusing situation for myself, and I'm sure for him and Sky too."

Smapps quotes Sparky extensively in the original post, where he describes a number of alleged incidents including MacD pinning him to a bunk bed in his bedroom, licking the insides of his ears and attempting to kiss him, all without consent.

On Thursday, Sparky posted a TwitLonger stating that he did not call the police because of the rent situation at the house, and he did not want to have his friends in the house angry at him.

"I would be creating chaos for the people I care about in the house. It was either I leave and lose the training I had for Smash 4, the friendships that I had with those people, and McCain wins in having me kicked out and no one talks about him assaulting me," he said.

Sparky has also since tweeted that while he does not accurately remember the dates of the alleged assaults, he still alleges they occurred.

Smapps has since told theScore esports that she no longer stands by the allegations made against Sky, and is not sure where to stand in regards to Sparky's claims.

"I do believe I was not given the full story by Sparky (the victim) at the time when I jumped to support him," she said. "I do believe that Sparky does feel like a victim of sexual assault and that something happened there but at this point I can say I honestly don't know which sides of the story are true and don't have a conclusion there."

Smapps also claims that other people have come to her privately with "their own cases" involving MacD that did not occur in Sky's house.

Sky also responded to the allegations made against him in his own TwitLonger, in which he refutes Sparky's claims. Sky states that he was never contacted by Smapps before the story went live, and did not witness the alleged incidents.

"MacD didn't rape him. I won't ever testify to MacD sexually assaulting them because I'd only hear the after math - and the one time I saw Brandon feel weird [D'ron "D1" Maingrette] And I tried to stop it. MacD's touching gets him into occasional trouble - but he admitted us that its a legit problem of his and he's working on it. Since then nothing's happened," Sky wrote.

MacD currently plays for Splyce, though he was picked up in August 2015, after the period in which the alleged assaults were said to have taken place. Splyce CEO Marty Strenczewilk told theScore esports on Tuesday that the Reddit post was the first the team had heard of any allegations involving MacD. He says that while Splyce understands the severity of the allegations, the organization was not ready to act on them at that moment.

"We do take this very seriously, any organization would take allegations like this very seriously, but jumping to conclusions is not how we handle things," he said.

"We're taking a wait-and-see attitude because not all the facts are out there. It would be remiss to make any judgements with only part of the story."

Daniel Rosen is a news editor for theScore esports. You can follow him on Twitter.