Highlight: JW runs out of bullets, clutches round

by Dennis Gonzales Mar 31 2016
Thumbnail image courtesy of MLG Twitch

Despite running out of bullets from his AK-47, Fnatic's JW kept calm, switched to his Glock and closed a round against FaZe Clan during MLG Major Championship: Columbus.

Fnatic planted the bomb, but they were sorely lacking in resources. Both KRiMZ and JW had 11 HP each, and JW was way out of position. KRiMZ was taken out, but thankfully for Fnatic it was an open plant on the A site.

JW approached through connector, but missed his opening volley. fox went to contest but only caught bullets in the face, and Maikelele was forced to stick a defuse. JW missed his opening volley again, running out of bullets, but calmly lined up with his Glock, tapping Maikelele in the head and denying the defuse.

Fnatic went on to win Mirage 16-10.

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