mouz, FaZe, Gambit, G2 eliminated after Day 3 of MLG Major

by Dennis Gonzales Apr 1 2016
Thumbnail image courtesy of Helena Kristiansson / ESL

After Day 3 of the MLG Major Championship: Columbus, the group stage has closed with Ninjas of Pyjamas besting mousesports, Fnatic crushing FaZe Clan, Counter Logic Gaming defeating Gambit and taking down G2 Esports.

Eight teams have now been eliminated, but eight Legends have emerged. This is also the first time in CS:GO Major history that two North American teams have achieved Legend status simultaneously. On top of that, this is the first CS:GO Major without a French team in the Top 8.

The competition has just begun however, as the single-elimination bracket has been decided and looks as follows:

Quarterfinals Semifinals
Natus Vincere vs Ninjas in Pyjamas
Astralis vs Fnatic Na`Vi/NiP vs. Astralis/Fnatic
Team Liquid vs Counter Logic Gaming Liquid/CLG vs LG/VP
Luminosity Gaming vs

Additionally, because Liquid and CLG face off in the quarterfinals, an NA team is guaranteed to be in the Top 4.

Day 3’s elimination matches opened with NiP vs. mouz, which is not a rivalry in the traditional sense, but their historical matchups have always been hard fought. This series was no different as it went to three maps.

NiP’s coach-turned-interim player, Björn "THREAT" Pers, really stepped up on the final third map on Overpass. At certain points in the map he was actually top fragging and he was integral to NiP 16-6 victory over mouz, securing the playoff spot.

Next up was Fnatic versus FaZe Clan, which went as expected. FaZe did not have the same magic as Team Liquid and were handily defeated. Fnatic took Mirage 16-10 and Cobble 16-6.

The third match of the day was between Counter Logic Gaming and Gambit Gaming, two teams that have never faced each other before, but had similar results against the other teams in the group. As expected, the series was close and they traded maps off of each other, but the Americans were the stronger team and took the series 2-1.

In the last map on Mirage, jdm and tarik went absolutely ham as both players nearly dropped 30-bombs over 26 rounds. jdm in particular was pivotal to CLG’s victory as he alone contributed the most kills, the most damage, the most assists, the most AWP kills and most first kills, which all naturally led to him having the highest player rating for the map.

The final match of the group stage was between G2 Esports and They faced off on Day 1 with VP completely bodying G2 on Train 16-1, but the Frenchmen put up a much better fight this time around and forced the third map. Unfortunately for them the final map was Cobble, which favored VP, and the Poles shut down G2 16-7.

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