Liquid shut down CLG 2-0, move on to semifinals

by Dennis Gonzales Apr 1 2016
Thumbnail image courtesy of MLG Twitch

Team Liquid proved to be the true American heroes, taking down Counter Logic Gaming 2-0 at the MLG Major Championship: Columbus on Friday.

CLG made a strong statement on the T side of the first map, Cache. They took the pistol round and five more rounds in a row before Liquid was able to take one of their own. CLG kept on the pressure with some immaculate smoke plays, courtesy of their coach Faruk "Pita" Pita.

CLG went into the second half on a high, with a 12-3 scoreline. Team Liquid took the second pistol round, but CLG's spirits weren't dampened, and they even went for some cheeky plays.

It wasn't until CLG lost round, after round, after round that they realized how real Liquid’s comeback was. CLG ended up dropping 11 rounds in a row, and Liquid took an impossible 16-13 victory.

Next up was Mirage, a much scrappier matchup with both sides trading blows. The first half ended with a 9-6 scoreline in favor of Liquid, who went on to win the second pistol round and closed the casket on CLG after seven straight rounds.

Team Liquid move on to face the winner of Luminosity Gaming vs., while Counter Logic Gaming have been eliminated.

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