Highlight: Snax's impossible hold

by Dennis Gonzales Apr 2 2016
Thumbnail image courtesy of MLG Twitch

Snax was out in the open in the B-site and took an impossible duel against three Luminosity Gaming players, holding the site with the support of NEO.

It was 15-12 in favor of LG over during the MLG Major Championship: Columbus. LG were going for the jugular and stacked a B-site push.

LG were going to kick off the push with a pop-flash, but Snax had god-like reactions and flicked away. Three of LG pushed in perfect view of Snax and he found the opening kill, NEO AWPed one and Snax cleaned up the third.

Snax was taken down, but the miracle play started a domino effect as VP took the round, forced an overtime and the Poles took Cache 19-18.

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