Luminosity beats 2-1, moves on to face Liquid at MLG Columbus

by Dennis Gonzales Apr 2 2016
Thumbnail image courtesy of Patrick Strack / ESL

It was the hardest fought match of the quarter finals, but Luminosity Gaming proved the stronger with a 2-1 finish over The Brazilians move on to the semifinals to face Team Liquid, while VP's run at the MLG Major Championship: Columbus has come to an end.

The first map of the set was on Cache. As VP's choice of map the first half went as expected with them going up 10-5 at the half, but former pro and analyst, Tomi "lurppis" Kovanen, said earlier in the game that Cache has been heavily T-sided during the tournament.

LG won the second pistol round and their comeback was well underway. VP was only able to take a single round, while LG flipped the script and were on match point after bringing the scoreline to 15-12. The Poles were not broken however.

snax was the hero of map as he boldly faced a B-site stack from LG turning the series. He took an unorthodox position, but he avoided a pop-flash because of his aggressive angle and caught the Brazilians off guard.

It was the play that turned everything around for VP as they took that round, forced an overtime and closed the map 19-18.

The second map of the series was on Cobble. It was LG's choice this time and they went big in the first half, winning the pistol round and took the scoreline to 11-4. VP made a slight comeback by taking six rounds in a row in the second half, but they gave up too many rounds early on and LG secured the map 16-10.

The deciding, randomized map was Overpass with VP choosing to start on the CT-side, the favored side of the map. Despite that, LG took a monstrous first half going up 13-2. VP put up a massive fight and took nine rounds, but they were too far gone and LG eked out the three rounds they needed for the win, ending at 16-11.

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