Shaq risks the technical to take a playful shot at Rick Fox's Echo Fox

by Josh Bury May 12 2016
Thumbnail image courtesy of Isaiah Trickey / FilmMagic / Getty

Not everything in the world of sports can make the leap to esports. But if Shaquille O'Neal has his way, old-school NBA trash talk will be one of them.

Shaq is a notorious trash talker, and NBA officials, Scottie Pippen and former teammate Kobe Bryant have all become unfortunate victims of his tendency to vilipend his rivals. He's even stated that trash talk in the NBA is on the decline, and argued that it has a place in sports.

So it should come as no surprise to see him turn his established smack-talk supremacy on former teammate and rival esports investor Rick Fox.

As a major investor in North American esports organization NRG eSports, Shaq took a moment to gloat about his team's Week 4 win over Fox's Echo Fox squad in the FACEIT Esports Championship Series, a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive league.

It may not be Shaq's most inspired trash-talk ever (it's admittedly hard to beat his anti-Kobe rap), but he makes clear that NRG's past win — and the team's upcoming ELEAGUE participation — can surely only lower the future hopes of Echo Fox.

This isn't the first time that Shaq has thrown some elbows in the world of esports, though. He and esports analyst Duncan "Thorin" Shields traded some friendly blows on Inside the NBA in January.

When Shaq offered to take Thorin on in any game, Thorin countered that they could compete at weight loss. Shaq then proposed boxing and kindly offered to avoid delays and begin the competition immediately.

"This is America, the Queen can't help you over here, buddy ... you better know where you at, tough guy," Shaq warned.

Josh "Gauntlet" Bury would never start Twitter beef with Shaq because he doesn't want to get utterly crushed. You can find him on Twitter.