Momochi: winning Stunfest 2016 is a 'good warm-up for EVO'

by theScore Staff May 23 2016
Thumbnail image courtesy of Twitch

Winning Stunfest 2016 served as a good warm-up for EVO, Yasuke “MomochiMomochi told Capcom’s community manager, Matt Edwards in an interview.

"It's really going to be [a] hard tournament but I think winning at Stunfest...I'm very confident to go far as Ken in EVO," he said.

Momochi said, via a translator, that he went into his winner's semifinal match at Stunfest, which took place in Paris, France between May 20-22, against AI "Fuudo" Keita with a poor mindset. He ended up losing the match 3-0.

Afterwards, Momochi said that the loss taught him a lot about the Ken vs. R. Mika matchup, which he says is evolving because of the game’s youth.

“Ken is quite a hot character. Of course he has good offense but you have to have a good defense. And if you have a good hit-confirm you can play this character,” he said.

After clawing his way back into the grand finals, Momochi once again saw his Ken face off against Fuudo’s R. Mika.

He defeated Fuudo 3-0 in the first set of Grand Finals and won 3-1 after the bracket reset.

The win qualified Momochi for the Capcom Cup Finals.

When Edwards asked Momochi if he could beat Seonwoo "Infiltration" Lee, he responded very simply.

"I will," he said.

As for how he thinks EVO will play out, Momochi said “yes, this year it's a different game and the number of players is twice of last year. It’s really going to be [a] hard tournament.”

The Evolution Championship Series, EVO, is scheduled to take place July 15th-17th in Las Vegas.

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