Mr. R: 'The only character I can see [Sheik] being second to is Diddy'

by Daniel Rosen May 26 2016
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Ramin "Mr. R" Delshad is considered to be Europe's strongest Smash 4 player, but he's been making waves recently for another reason. Just before Bayonetta was nerfed, Mr. R declared that his main, Sheik, was the strongest character in the game — and he got plenty of flak from fans.

Right before his Top 8 appearance at Get on My Level 2016, Mr. R spoke with theScore esports about why he still thinks Sheik rules the top tier, as well as the impact that Bayonetta's nerfs are having and what characters Europe doesn't play.

What do you think of the Bayonetta nerfs?

I personally didn't really have problems with Bayonetta. Obviously she's a really strong character, and she was one of the strongest in the game. I don't really dislike the nerfs, because now people can stop complaining. I haven't played her yet, but from what I've heard, she's still pretty good post-patch. So I don't dislike the patch at all.

Let's talk about Sheik then. What do you think of her place in the meta right now? Does she get stronger because Bayonetta is nerfed?

I have a pretty unpopular opinion on that matter. I think she's the best in the game right now. If not, she's Top 2. The only character I can see her being second to is Diddy. Right now I think she's the best character in the game.

By unpopular opinion, you mean your tier list from the other day, right? How did you feel about the reaction to that? Why was Sheik still the best then?

That was pre-patch, so it was back when Bayonetta was good. A lot of people were like, "No, Bayonetta should definitely be first." But especially after post-patch, it's Sheik. Bayonetta didn't really get that many results if you compare her to Sheik, since there's VoiD, me, ZeRo, K9 — there's a bunch of Sheiks that do really good. So that's why I put Sheik first, or at least one of the reasons.

For you, what's the difference between playing in Europe and North America?

The number one difference is the size. Here is much bigger — this convention center is huge, it holds many more people. And the second thing is the level of play. Over here there's Nairo, Ally, MK Leo even, ZeRo, so there are a lot of people who can take sets off of me. But back in Europe we don't have that many people. We do have good players, just not as many as here.

Do you think that there's an issue with players who don't travel?

There are definitely players who are good enough to compete here and get Top 16 at a tournament like this, maybe Top 32, but they don't travel. And that really doesn't help them at all. If you don't travel, it slows down your improvements. You need to travel if you want to get better fast. So they just stay in Europe, they only play against characters that Europe plays, but you come out here and you get to play against top-level players with each character.

That's interesting. What characters do you not really see in Europe?

I'd say Zero Suit. We have a lack of top level Zero Suits in Europe. We have a good amount of Foxes. Other than me, we don't have a lot of top-level Sheiks. I'm like the only one, pretty much. We have Clouds, we have Sonics, we have Luigi, but like I said, the top players of most of the characters are over here. The best Fox main is over here. The best Zero Suit main, Nairo, is over here. The best of each character is usually here in the States.

What would you want out of a new patch?

I would love to see some of the lower tier characters getting buffed. Right now I think Top 12 is fine. They're all very close, even though I said Sheik's first. I could change my mind in a few months, because they're all that close right now.

A lot of people disagree with my lists. ZeRo thinks Cloud is the best, and I talked to Nairo, and he has a very unique opinion as well. So it's very interesting to see right now that the Top 12 is so close, but all the top players have a different tier list. That just shows how close it is. So the only thing they could adjust right now is, I guess, buffing some low-tiers, because I think the Top 10 is perfect right now.

Are their any low-tier characters in particular you want to see buffed?

I think Jigglypuff should get buffed. Ganondorf, Zelda, maybe Falco, maybe Little Mac. That's about it. Maybe a few more characters like Roy and Ike. Even though Ike's not really a low-tier. Those kinds of characters.

What's your competitive goal for 2016?

Right now my number one goal is to win a major like this. A huge major, like Genesis or EVO or Pound. Win one of those, and after that my goal will be to stay consistent. Always get Top 2 at least, and if I get third or fourth I will be disappointed in myself, but as long as I get Top 2, that's fine. But right now, my goal is to win a big national.

Daniel Rosen is a news editor for theScore esports. You can follow him on Twtter.