Cloud9 win Agents Rising

by Josh Bury May 30 2016
Thumbnail image courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

Cloud9's Overwatch team has triumphed at Agents Rising, the game's first major post-launch North American LAN event, with a 6-3 win over Team Liquid in the Grand Finals.

The team looked dominant in every series they played, and only allowed four total points in the playoff bracket while scoring 22. Their victory at eSports Arena in Santa Ana, CA., earns the team the $5,000 first-place prize.

Lane "Surefour" Roberts was voted tournament MVP by viewers for his very strong performance in the damage role, including some memorable Tracer and Bastion games on King of the Hill alongside the more standard McCree and Genji.

Team Liquid and Gale Force eSports were both big stories of their own. Liquid had the most success against C9, managing to earn three points in their grand finals series. Both Liquid and GFE fought a close Losers' Final series that ended up 4-3 in favor of Liquid.

The event itself was also an opportunity to explore some of the structural challenges that the Overwatch esports scene will face as it moves forward.

The event format used a point-scoring system that encouraged teams to fight for every round but that also was less intuitive than other options. Observer work has definitely evolved for the better since the early days of beta, but damage characters still receive a lot of the camera's attention.

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