Tempest sweep MVP Black 4-0 to win Super League 2016 S2

by Josh Bury Jun 5 2016
Thumbnail image courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment / OGN

MVP Black's prodigious match win streak came to an end Sunday morning as newcomers Tempest swept them 4-0 in the grand finals of the Super League 2016 Season 2 playoffs.

Both teams still qualify for the Summer Global Championship at DreamHack Summer, but Tempest will earn the roughly $54,000 first-place prize as well as more favorable seeding at Jönköping, Sweden.

Though Tempest has shown some very strong play lately, a 4-0 sweep was probably not what most were predicting heading into this event. MVP Black's play looked uncharacteristically scattered, and after reviewing the VoDs, the surprising result encouraged caster and analyst Wade "Dreadnaught" Penfold to weigh in on what he saw.

MVP Black made headlines last week when an interview with their coach revealed that the team may not continue playing Heroes of the Storm in 2017. In response to Dreadnaught's initial tweet. Team Dignitas support James "Bakery" Baker posited that the announcement and the team's performance may have been somehow related.

"You have to wonder about the mindset indicated by the comments made by their coach after a performance like that," Bakery wrote on Twitter.

DreamHack Summer is set to take place from June 18-21, but specific dates or times for the Heroes Global Championship have not yet been announced.

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