Rick Fox to Shaq: 'Meet me at LCS arena ... so we can see who has the bigger nexus'

by Josh Bury Jun 9 2016
Thumbnail image courtesy of Navneet Randhawa / theScore eSports

You know what they say about big feet — and in the LCS, Rick Fox's Echo Fox squad has so far planted theirs squarely in the collective behinds of Shaquille O'Neal's NRG.

But that's not enough for Fox, who called out his rival in a press release Tuesday so that the two could meet and compare for themselves.

“Shaq and I were once teammates, we're now adversaries. We play NRG this weekend and they have yet to defeat us in the LCS. Shaq, I challenge you to meet me at LCS arena on Saturday at noon so we can see who has the bigger nexus.”

Fox's claim that his team is undefeated against Shaq's in the LCS is technically true. EFX were forced to forfeit their game against NRG in Week 2 of the 2016 NA LCS Spring Split because they failed to submit an eligible roster.

Shaq, who has an established reputation as a legendary trash-talker, doesn't seem like the kind of opponent to count an adversary's forfeit as a victory.

By the time the two teams met again in Week 5 of the Spring Split, Henrik "Froggen" Hansen had returned to the EFX roster. Echo Fox smashed NRG as Froggen went 5-0-10 as Corki.

The impending Week 2 meeting between NRG and Echo Fox will be the first time that the two teams meet in the Summer Split. So far, EFX is 1-1, with a match win against Phoenix1 and a loss to Cloud9. NRG is 0-2 with losses against both Apex Gaming and Team EnVyUs.

If Shaq does make an in-person appearance at the game, it would be difficult to rival his entry at the 2009 NBA All-Star Game as part of the masked hip-hop group JabbaWockeeZ.

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