Leffen to miss CEO for personal reasons

by theScore Staff Jun 20 2016
Thumbnail image courtesy of Dennis Gonzales / theScore esports

William "Leffen" Hjelte tweeted Monday that he will not be attending Community Effort Orlando 2016 for unspecified personal reasons.

The announcement will come as a disappointment to fans, given Leffen's ongoing hot streak in Super Smash Bros. Melee. Just this weekend, Leffen took first place at DreamHack's Smash Championship with a nigh-undefeated run, only dropping two games in the entire tournament, both in the Grand Finals against Mustafa "Ice" Akcakaya. The win comes a month after his first place victory at Get On My Level.

CEO would have been Leffen's first tournament in the United States since running into visa issues back in September. He was required to obtain a P1 athlete's visa in order to compete in North American tournaments, but the US did not consider Super Smash Bros. Melee a legitimate sport. In the meantime, Leffen attended tournaments in Canada, including EGLX and Get On My Level.

After finally obtaining a short-term P1 visa in May, Leffen was set to play at CEO as his first event and at EVO in July. According to his tweet, he still intends to play at EVO.

Leffen was one of several top players pushing for CEO organizers to make all matches in the Top 8 bracket best-of-five, rather than only having best-of-five matches from the Winner's Bracket Finals onward. His lobbying was successful, and CEO adopted the Top 8 best-of-five format. However, after Leffen's announcement he won't be attending, CEO founder Alex Jebailey tweeted that the tournament may revert to the original format.

CEO is set to take place in Orlando on June 24-26, and will feature many of the top players in SSBM, including Juan "Hungrybox" Debiedma, Joseph "Mang0" Marquez and Weston "Westballz" Dennis.

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