Mikasa standing in for NoNo on Vici Gaming Reborn in TI6 China Regional Qualifier

by theScore Staff Jun 25 2016
Thumbnail image courtesy of StarLadder

Vici Gaming Reborn will play the TI6 Chinese Regional Qualifier with Tong "Mikasa" Junjie in place of Wang "NoNo" Xin, who is dealing with family issues, the team announced via a post on their Weibo page.

Mikasa has played with the team before. The coach and veteran player stood in for the team at the StarLadder i-League Invitational, which they qualified for through the Chinese weekly league H-Cup and went on to win. His efforts inspired ImbaTV to create a video that gave some insight into the emotions of the squad as they played through the tournament, as well as the personalities of several star Chinese players.

VG.R registered their roster with Mikasa as a sub before the roster lock deadline, so under Valve's rules they are allowed to make this change for qualifiers. They will also be able to bring back NoNo should they qualify for TI6. In the team's post, they do not specify when they expect NoNo to return, but say that he will return to training with them whenever his business at home is finished.

VG.R emerged in the post-Shanghai Major period as one of the strongest teams in China. Their results have fallen off in recent months while the likes of Newbee and LGD Gaming have improved, but SL i-League and their more recent 7th-8th place finish at The Manila Major proved that they should not be counted out.

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