Beyond the Summit gets into Overwatch with new tournament

by theScore Staff Jul 5 2016
Thumbnail image courtesy of Beyond the Summit

Beyond The Summit announced their first competitive Overwatch tournament with a teaser Tweet on Tuesday, adding their name to the growing list of esports tournament organizers investing in the Blizzard's latest title.

The new Overwatch Cup marks BTS's continuing expansion beyond its roots in Dota 2. The organization is known primarily for hosting and casting Dota 2 events such as The International 2015 and the Star Ladder i-League Invitational. Its first expansion beyond Dota was the Smash Summit last year, a Super Smash Bros. Melee tournament, which BTS repeated this year in April.

The news comes as other major tournament organizers are ramping up their efforts in the new team shooter. TaKeTV held an EU regional tournament, TaKeOver, shortly after the game launched on May 26. In mid-June, ESL announced its first international offline Overwatch tournament, the Atlantic Showdown, set for August 20-21 at Gamescom 2016. The first round of qualifiers began on Monday.

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So far, Blizzard has not said whether Overwatch will be played competitively at BlizzCon in the fall.

The dates, format and a list of invitees for Overwatch Cup are not yet available, but more information from Beyond the Summit is expected in the coming days. The teaser comes two weeks ahead of BTS's signature Dota 2 event, The Summit 5. Set for July 13-17 in Los Angeles, The Summit will see eight teams including Na`Vi, Team Liquid and Manila Major champions OG battle it out for a $100,000 prize pool.

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