Report: Three NFL teams consider entry to esports

by theScore Staff Jul 18 2016
Thumbnail image courtesy of Kirby Lee / USA TODAY Sports

Three NFL teams are scouting top Madden NFL players to represent them in the esports world, according to Eben Novy-Williams of Bloomberg Businessweek.

Esports present a golden opportunity for traditional sports franchises to capture a segment of the 18-34 demographic generally lost to them, Novy-Williams reported.

Also, esports provide cheaper marketing opportunities than traditional sports due to how quickly a player's popularity can go viral on social media.

“It feels like a very small expense for what seems to get a large amount of publicity,” Peter Moore, head of EA Sports' competitive-gaming division, told Novy-Williams.

West Ham United's Tara Warren shared Moore's sentiment, telling Novy-Williams that esports is "far more cost-effective than traditional marketing platforms."

West Ham is one of a number of European football clubs that have signed esports players, including Manchester City, FC Schalke 04 which is currently fielding a team in the EU LCS, and Valencia CF who have acquired a Hearthstone team.

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