Immortals sign zews

by Josh Bury Jul 22 2016
Thumbnail image courtesy of Adela Sznajder / DreamHack Masters Malmo / DreamHack

Wilton “zews” Prado has joined Immortals, where he will resume playing and held to lead the all-Brazilian team formerly known as Games Academy and Tempo Storm.

zews is joining the roster in the spot formerly occupied by Gustavo "SHOOWTiME" Gonçalves, whose contract has been bought out by Immortals. He coached the team when it was known as Games Academy, but this is his first time in a starting role for the roster.

The announcement on Immortals' website included zews' justification for returning as a player after coaching SK Gaming through back-to-back major wins.

"Like most, the dream to play is always there. After getting news that the Immortals players wanted me to lead them, that dream was rekindled instantly," zews wrote.

"Immortals is the kind of organization that doesn't make hasty decisions. Every detail is analyzed before something like this is decided and the fact that they believe in me to lead this team just makes me more confident in myself and what I can do."

zews said in a TwitLonger that he will be taking over duties as in-game leader on the team. He also thanked his former teammates.

"You guys have been my family for an eternity it seems now and the fact I have your support in following my dream means the world to me," zews said in his TwitLonger post. "We cried together. We laughed together. We conquered the world together.

"I leave SK a two time major champion and no one can take that away from me."

The news that zews had left SK Gaming broke on Brazilian TV program Esporte Interativo Thursday night as Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo spoke about his career. At that time, it was unclear where he was headed, though rumors of his move to Immortals persisted.

FalleN later tweeted that instead of finding a new coach, the team's manager Ricardo "dead" Sinigaglia will take on zews' "outgame functions."

Immortals CEO Noah Whinston said that the addition of zews gives Immortals the tools they will need to succeed in the long-term.

“We believe that Zews’ addition brings needed experience and maturity to our team as he assumes a leadership role. I look forward to working with him to develop the young talents on our roster and to demonstrate the strength of the next generation of Brazilian CS:GO," he wrote.

The roster is on a break for the moment, but is expected to return to the team's new team house in early August.

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