Vici Gaming Reborn's Yang still has slim hope of acquiring TI visa

by theScore Staff Jul 28 2016
Thumbnail image courtesy of StarLadder

Vici Gaming Reborn offlaner Zhou "Yang" Haiyang has been unable to secure a US visa to attend TI6 after several attempts, and the team is planning to field Tong "mikasa" Junjie as a substitute next week. However, Yang may have one last shot at acquiring a visa.

According to former Vici Gaming staffer Staka (who now works for Newbee but maintains close ties to his former organization), Yang has a final visa interview scheduled for Aug. 1. If successful, he may be able to join the team for the end of the main event beginning Aug. 8.

mikasa, the team's coach, played as a sub for the team in the TI6 Chinese Qualifiers when Wang "NoNo" Xin had to bow out due to family issues. He has been added to VG.R's roster in the TI6 compendium, indicating that Valve expect VG.R to play with Mikasa instead of Yang.

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A number of Asian teams have been plagued by visa issues going into TI6. LGD's Xue "September" Zhichuan was also unable to get his visa for the event, and it is still unclear whether first-time TI-goers TNC Pro Team and Execration will be able to attend.

VG.R qualified for TI6 by the skin of their teeth, edging out EHOME 3-2 in the Grand Final of the Chinese Qualifier. But the competition in China remains fierce — only a week later, VG.R were knocked out of the Nanyang Championships with a 0-2 loss to CDEC.Youth in Loser's Round 2, finishing 5th-6th.

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