Invasion eSport manager accused of witholding payment from GuMiho for a year

by theScore Staff Aug 1 2016
Thumbnail image courtesy of Invasion eSport

MVP coach Lee "Choya" Hyung Seop has accused Invasion eSport manager Sebou of withholding over $5,000 from player Koh "GuMiho" Byung Jae for over a year after the Korean player left Invasion for MVP.

According to Choya, GuMiho is owed $5,000 and plane ticket fees on top of his prize money from DreamHack Open: Tours in 2015. GuMiho came in second after losing to Won "PartinG" Lee Sak 3-1 in the Grand Final, entitling him to $5,000 in prize money.

Invasion manager Sebou took to Reddit to answer the accusations, saying that GuMiho had broken his contract when he left Invasion for MVP making him subject to taxes and fees and that Choya actually owes him $6,000 for accommodation.

"As he was not under contract with Invasion eSport anymore, he was subject to taxes + my fees. Invasion eSport received the money that they transfered to me (4,485 euros). But most importantly, i did transfer money to Choya and gave him cash because i was nice to Choya. At this moment i thought i owed him around 1k, but after reviewing all the contracts, he is the one who owe me money, because i have never collected my shares from Gumiho's prize pool, i have given cash to Choya and i've paid accommodation, food and transportation for MKP who i was not supporting, the team transfer fees and taxes. The amount that Choya owes me is around 6,000+ USD," he wrote.

He also said that GuMiho had never had to pay for his own plane tickets, "Except one time where it was asked last minute to attempt an event."

After Sebou started posting on Reddit, Choya shared chat logs ranging over several months depicting Choya asking about outstanding payments and Sebou citing roadblocks ranging from technical issues with PayPal to his credit cards expiring.

On Reddit, Sebou shared his own collection of chat logs in which Choya appears to give permission to Sebou to use GuMiho's prize money to pay for him to attend Dreamhack: Tours. On Twitter, Choya claims Sebou's chat logs are forgeries.

"He forged this conversation, it's not authentic i never said something like this nor understand english like this," he wrote. He also shared a new message from Sebou telling him to call in a lawyer if he wanted to take things further.

This is isn't the first time Sebou has been accused of dodging payments. Earlier this year, Yi "Legend" Seon Jeong, the head coach of Afreeca Freecs also claimed Invasion owed them money in a Tweet saying "If you don't keep your end of the contract by this week we'll take action."

The South Korean team had a partnership with Invasion back when they were SBENU allowing them to enter more international tournaments and for flying and housing their players for cross-Pacific tournaments.

According to Sebou on Reddit, "With Legend it was a problem he made with the team that pushed the CEO to claim the contract was breached and so canceled."

theScore esports has reached out to Sebou for further comment.

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