Method sign 1SHOT roster

by Josh Bury Aug 3 2016
Thumbnail image courtesy of theScore esports / Blizzard Entertainment / Method

Method, the renowned World of Warcraft organization, has signed the North American roster known as 1SHOT as they make their first move into competitive Overwatch.

The organization's announcement explained that the five current players of the 1SHOT roster — Jacob "PsychoWaffle" Oyer, Nicholas “exi” Dudek, Eric "Krawnnic" Beaugh, Brandon “ultimawep” Wilson and Randal "Roolf" Stark — have signed with Method.

They are also currently trialling Gabriel "Snow" Ceregatto as their sixth, but he has not yet signed with the organization.

Method co-owner Sascha Steffens told theScore esports that his organization was impressed by the roster's tenacity.

"We have had an eye on 1SHOT for a while and really liked the recent progression of the team," Steffens said. "From all the unsigned teams, they were the seemingly least afraid to face top teams on a constant basis, resulting in increasingly positive results. We very much liked that."

If Overwatch seems like a strange fit for an organization that has focused primarily on WoW for so long, Steffens says that the links between Blizzard titles made it an enticing option.

"There is a close connection between World of Warcraft and Overwatch, as there is between every game developed by Blizzard," he said. "Many of us who come from a WoW background are playing Overwatch actively. I think that Method fans and followers will be interested to see us compete in both games."

And Steffens believes that the future for the fledgling esport has a lot of potential, but that upcoming events will need to ensure that interest continues to grow.

"The game has great potential to be the next big esport. So far Overwatch has shown a lot of promise but I believe that the game's future as an Esport will depend a lot on the reception of big upcoming events such as Gamescom, ELEAGUE and on whatever Blizzard themselves are planning."

The roster has already qualified for the ESL Atlantic Showdown: they defeated Rise Nation 3-0 at the third qualifier to earn their spot. They have yet to earn their spot at the $300,000 Overwatch Open, falling to Cloud9 2-0 at the first qualifier and Team Liquid 2-0 at the second.

The signed roster of Method is now as follows:

  • Jacob "PsychoWaffle" Oyer (Support)
  • Nick "exi" D (DPS)
  • Brandon "ultimawep" W (DPS)
  • Eric "Krawnnic" Beaugh (Tank)
  • Randal "Roolf" Stark (Support)

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