H2K signs Overwatch team Kids Next Door

by Daniel Rosen Aug 3 2016
Thumbnail image courtesy of H2k-Gaming

H2k-Gaming is the latest major esports organization to enter the competitive Overwatch scene, and has picked up the roster formerly known as Kids Next Door.

"Potential is the biggest word," team member Graham "Graham" Spurrier wrote in a TwitLonger. "After being on many different teams in my life (of different sorts), this one has a deadly combination of drive and positivity."

KND formed in June, but have not yet qualified for a major event. So far, they have competed in three of the ESL Overwatch Atlantic Showdown Gamescom qualifiers, placing 9th-16th at the second and third qualifiers, and 5th-8th at the most recent fourth qualifier.

"We've had a lot of solid scrim results, especially in the Pharrah meta against highly ranked teams," Graham wrote. "Each member intends on pushing themselves and the team into a top tier position."

The team also includes support player James "Esper" Southall, who played for Luminosity Gaming old roster before leaving the organization in June to join KND.

H2K is the latest of the major esports organizations to pick up an Overwatch roster. NRG Esports and ahq esports both signed Overwatch teams earlier today, along with Luminosity Gaming, Method and Ninjas in Pyjamas who all signed roster earlier this week.

The new H2K roster is made up of:

  • Bobby "Kresnik" Wiemer (Tank)
  • Joe "DeaftJoe" Natale (DPS)
  • Ian "Fareoh" Spurrier (Flex)
  • Graham "Graham" Spurrier (Flex)
  • Marisa "m4risa" Tachau (DPS)
  • James "Esper" Southall (Support)
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