ChuaN on Newbee's upper bracket preparation: 'I think things are going well...but overall we need to work on our draft as a team'

by theScore Staff Aug 9 2016
Thumbnail image courtesy of Robert Paul / ESL

Wong "ChuaN" Hock Chuan is an International champion and Newbee's current support player. Ahead of the Main Event, and his team's opening match against Evil Geniuses, ChuaN spoke to theScore esports about the team’s dynamic and planning his future.

The first question I've been asking a lot of folks is, how are you feeling after the group stage? Are you guys relaxing at all?

No, I actually feel that we have more responsibilities because we are in the upper bracket now.

As you guys are preparing for that upper bracket, Hao had made some mention that you are going to be doing a lot of scrimming. Is there a team in particular against whom you are expecting scrims to be very fruitful?

We want to practice against teams on the other side of the upper bracket because we will probably not meet them until the upper bracket final.

As you guys are preparing to move forward, have there been any issues that you guys are needing to address now, before it becomes a bigger problem in the upper bracket?

I think things are going well for our team, but overall we need to work on our draft as a team.

How does the draft work for Newbee? When you're talking about what heroes to pick, is there a singular voice that overrides everything, or is there a lot of discussion?

We mainly listen to KaKa, but all four of us will give suggestions. Whether he takes those suggestions or not is really up to him.

Is that something that you're comfortable with, has that been a similar dynamic on your past teams,or is that something that that feels a little out of place in Newbee?

I think it's fine, as long as all five of us are on the same page. It really depends on every person knowing what to do, for that particular lineup.

So, compared to playing with your past teams, how do you like the team dynamics in Newbee, and how has it affected the way that you play?

Except for the team that I won TI with, I think this one's probably the one with the best dynamics, and I feel comfortable in it.

As you kind of move through — obviously you're a legend in Dota — have you been thinking about how long you'll be playing? Do you have other things that you want to do with your life? Or are you planning on being in Dota as long as you possibly can?

I've been planning with my girlfriend for a while now. After this International, I will plan in detail with her.

As you're moving forward with that, is that a discussion that you'll also have with your team, or is it very personal between you and your girlfriend how you make that decision to move forward?

I think that it's a personal decision for myself, so it's more between me and my girlfriend. It really has nothing to do with the team.

In your personal life, the way that you've been playing Dota professionally for so long, do you have a life outside of that already? Or is that something that you're expecting to build with personal relationships outside of Dota once you start to make those plans?

After I'm done planning with my girlfriend, I will probably slowly step away from this community and do what I planned to do.

Ryan "Gorgon the Wonder Cow" Jurado writes about Dota 2 and freelances for theScore esports. You can follow him on Twitter.