Gogoing to start new team, Go Dream, recruiting top laner and AD carry

by theScore Staff Aug 11 2016
Thumbnail image courtesy of Twitch

Gao "Gogoing" Diping, previous top laner for Oh My God, is recruiting players for a new team, tentatively called called "Go Dream," as a co-owner. According to Gogoing's announcement, the team has already recruited a jungler, a mid laner, and a support for the upcoming TGA (qualifying tournament for the LSPL) season and are seeking a top laner and AD carry.

Go Dream will aim to qualify for the upcoming TGA season, following that the goal would be to qualify for the LSPL and, eventually, the LPL. The team house will be located in Shanghai, with all accommodations taken care of. To try out, the minimum requirement is being able to maintain 50 points in Master on the ranked ladder.

Gogoing played for OMG in two separate World Championships before retiring in 2015 after OMG failed to make a third Worlds. Though OMG's rash of retirements followed a dramatic falling out of players on the team, Gogoing remains on good terms with his old teammates and still streams games with members of the classic OMG lineup.

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