Chinese Overwatch team NGA signs Korean ex-MiG Coach Tairong

by theScore Staff Sep 2 2016
Thumbnail image courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

UPDATE: A statement has been made by Afreeca that Tairong is still in Korea, working with the Afreeca Freecs organization, but he also helps Chinese team NGA with their scrim practices from Korea.

theScore esports also reached out to NGA for clarification. They stated that NGA as a team has reached an exclusive cooperation with Freecs, and Tairong still assists NGA with their practice, although he is in Korea.


Chinese Overwatch team NGA recently announced that they have signed a Korean coach, Tairong, who previously coached two teams in the Korean organization MiG.

Overwatch has been building interest in China, just as in the rest of the world, with many existing Chinese esports organizations picking up between one and two teams. One of the foremost names in Chinese Overwatch is currently NGA, a Chinese forum with a reputation similar to Reddit that is host to many major esports discussions. NGA recently acquired funding from an angel investor, starting an esports club on July 1, and have begun to enter the esports realm by adding an Overwatch and Hearthstone division with plans to include CS:GO and Dota 2 teams in the long-run.

At the moment, the Overwatch scene in China hosts many online tournaments, including the Nexus Cup, an event designed to facilitate competition between Chinese and Korean Overwatch teams. In the first week of the new season, NGA defeated two notable Korean teams, MiG Blaze and MVP Space with strong performances from DPS players Cheng "Fury" Chao and Zhang "Maps" Chen. NGA frequently places top three in minor Chinese Overwatch events.

Following the news that MiG teams had been acquired by the Afreeca organisation, NGA announced MiG coach Tairong would join NGA as a coach. According to the announcement, NGA has great faith in Tairong's ability, and several meetings were conducted before the signing. Tairong will come to China to coach the NGA team in person.

NGA will face ex-MiG Blaze again in Week 3 of the Nexus Cup on Aug. 20.

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