Denial eSports sign Overwatch roster

by Josh Bury Oct 13 2016
Thumbnail image courtesy of theScore esports / Denial eSports

Denial eSports have entered competitive Overwatch with their signing of the roster of "Q?."

The announcement from Denial Wednesday revealed that the organization would take its first steps into the esports side of Blizzard's newest title with a collection of players who have been on the edge of competitive success for some time.

Michael "GodHand" Hoang, Derek "zza" Johnson and Jacob "endless" P. all played for Inside Joke, which qualified for the IBUYPOWER Summer Invitational.

Joining them are some interesting prospects from across the competitive lansdscape. Félix ''xQc'' Lengyel and Colin "Jolson" Anderson were both part of DatZit Gaming, the team that won the DreamHack Montreal BYOC Overwatch tournament. The former played League of Legends at the Master level before switching to Overwatch, while the latter has a long competitive history in Team Fortress 2. Donald "Dahun" Leigh was formerly with Team Sea Algae, where he handled shotcalling duties.

The roster of Denial eSports is as follows:

  • Colin "Jolson" Anderson (DPS)
  • Derek "zza" Johnson (DPS)
  • Jacob "endless" P. (Flex)
  • Donald "Dahun" Leigh (Support)
  • Michael "GodHand" Hoang (Support, Team Captain)
  • Félix ''xQc'' Lengyel (Tank)
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