Misfits win DreamHack Winter 2016

by theScore Staff Nov 26 2016
Thumbnail image courtesy of theScore esports / Misfits

Misfits have become the DreamHack Winter 2016 Overwatch champions following their 3-2 win over Fnatic.

The two teams previously met in the tournament's group stage, where Misfits were able to top Group B after a 2-1 win over Fnatic. The Overwatch Open champions then defeated compLexity Gaming 3-1 in the semifinals to secure their place in the Grand Final.

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Fnatic narrowly edged out Ninjas in Pyjamas 3-2 in the semis after a tight game on Volskaya, where they were able to defend the map's first point in the final round thanks in no small part to Scott "Custa" Kennedy's smart Transcendence use as Zenyatta.

In Round 1 on Temple of Anubis, Sebastian "Zebbosai" Olsson's Widowmaker play created discord among Fnatic's quad-tank set up, allowing Misfits to quickly take the first point and take the second with 2:27 to spare. While Fnatic were also able to take the first point easily on Round 2, they stalled on the second against Misfit's iron-clad defense. However, a last-minute push allowed Fnatic to take the second point with less than a minute left. Fnatic narrowly won the third round after losing on the attack in overtime, but holding the first point on defense after stand-in Hafþór "Hafficool" Hákonarsonis's Self-Destruct kept Misfits off in overtime.

The next game took place on Nepal, with Fnatic taking the Village 100-40 percent after Matthew "coolmatt69" Iorio's nano-boosted Winston hijinx. However, Misfits were able to to win the next three rounds in a row to win the map.

Misfits shutout Fnatic on Watchpoint: Gibraltar, winning on offense with less than a minute to spare before preventing Fnatic from pushing the payload past the first checkpoint. On defense, Flankers Terrence "SoOn" Tarlier and Andreas "Nevix" Karlsson were able to disrupt Fnatic's formation to let Zebbosai snipe past Warsi "Stoop" Faraaz Waris's Reinhardt Shield with Widowmaker.

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On Hollywood, Misfits were able push the first point quickly, Zebbosai breaking out an off-meta Pharah pick, but Fnatic were able to stall them out in Goldshire Studios, holding them out from the checkpoint with 1.5 meters to go. Emboldened, Fnatic pushed hard on the switch-over, taking the first point and the checkpoint swiftly to force the match to Game 5.

The final battle took place on Dorado, with Misfits holding Fnatic off from the second checkpoint as Nevix's Solder 76 went on a veritable killing spree. While Fnatic were able to conduct some excellent defenses throughout the tournament, they just couldn't hold off against Misfits's relentless offensive push.

The newly crowned DreamHack Winter 2016 champions won the last game with just over 1:30 to spare.

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