A Beginner's Guide to Reaper

by theScore Staff Feb 6 2017
Thumbnail image courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

Death comes for all who cross Reaper's path — provided you know how to play him. The Offense hero can tear down most opponents in a few shots at close range, utilizing his dual shotguns and powerful ultimate to rip apart his enemies.


Hellfire Shotguns are Reaper's twin shotguns, capable of massive damage against any target in close range. Its effectiveness sharply drops the further away from the target Reaper is, but well-timed shots can bring even tanks to their knees.

If Reaper is surrounded or has found himself in a bad position, Wraith Form is his primary escape tool. Rendering Reaper invincible to all attacks for a short period of time, the ability can also be used as a small speed boost.

Shadow Step allows Reaper to teleport to a destination he has marked on the map. While Reaper is extremely vulnerable during its cast, it allows for him to flank and reach places that are otherwise inaccessible.

Death Blossom turns Reaper into a whirlwind of gunshots, as he empties both shotguns in a wide radius around him. Low health characters will die before they know what hit him, while tanks will have to rely on luck if they want to survive.

Reaper can also use his passive, The Reaping, to pick up Soul Globes from dead enemies to restore his health, keeping him in the fight longer.

When to use Reaper

As stated previously, Reaper works best at close range, yet Shadow Step allows him to easily set himself up in a strong position for a flanking maneuver. While there are no maps or modes where Reaper is a particularly weak pick, he is more susceptible to team comps that rely on long range, mobile characters who can stay outside his range.

Reaper is a good choice when:

  • He is facing multiple tanks
  • His allies are capable of high front line threat, allowing him to flank from the side to score kills unnoticed
  • He can get up close and personal to deal immense damage to heroes

Reaper can be more difficult to play when:

  • Facing a team composed of heroes who can outmaneuver him, such as Pharah and Genji
  • He is facing snipers such as Widowmaker, who can easily pick off Reaper before he gets close
  • Wide open areas are Reaper's bane, preventing him from getting close and flanking his opponents

Reaper thrives in areas where:

  • There are plenty of ledges or raised areas where Reaper can drop down on unsuspecting enemies, such as the second area on Watchpoint: Gibraltar
  • Big team fights regularly happen, as he can jump in and out quickly to maximize his damages, like the first area on Dorado
  • Multiple side routes enable him to easily flank and attack from multiple angles, such as the last point on Temple of Anubis or the last point on Numbani

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