A Beginner's Guide to Bastion

by Josh Bury Feb 6 2017
Thumbnail image courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

*This guide has been updated on March 1 to reflect Bastion's newest changes.

He might not have much to say in game, but Bastion is a defense hero who is the bane to many teams unprepared for him. The Omnic is defined, for better or worse, by his ability to turn into a sentry turret to quickly kill anyone caught in view of him. Coupled with his ability to self heal, Bastion is capable of being a one-robot army that needs minimal support to succeed.


Configuration: Recon is Bastion's standard mode, where he moves and shoots a submachine gun for moderate damage. While not as damaging as his turret form, Bastion is still more than capable of securing kills with it.

Configuration: Sentry is Bastion's most notable and most important ability, as he turns into an immobile turret that can unleash a hail of bullets in a short span of time. For defending a specific location, few abilities are as powerful as this.

Reconfigure switches between Bastion's Recon and Sentry configurations. Simple, but enterprising opponents can quickly kill Bastion if caught off guard in this undefended state.

Bastion is one of the few heroes in the game who can self heal with Self-Repair, a channeled ability that restores health over time. Bound to secondary fire, the ability uses a resource meter that depletes while it is active and recharges when not in use.

Configuration: Tank is Bastion's ultimate, turning the normally immobile robot into a tank capable of killing most heroes with one shot.

Ironclad, Bastion's passive ability, sees him take 35% less damage in his Sentry and Tank configurations.

When Is Bastion a good choice?

Bastion's very linear playstyle means that he can be easily countered by the right heroes. However, his initial appearance can take enemies by surprise, and a refusal from the opponent to adapt can mean a dominant performance.

Bastion is a good choice when:

  • His team is defending, and they have a Reinhardt willing to lend him his Barrier Field
  • When opponents are playing aggressively and a surprise Bastion may just cut them down to size
  • The map allows him to vary his positioning to keep his opponents guessing
Bastion may be more difficult to play when:
  • The enemy team has a Genji, who will charge at Bastion before starting to reflect his damage, or a D.Va, who can simply use Defense Matrix to soak Bastion's damage while their team kills him
  • The enemy team has snipers like Hanzo, Widowmaker or Ana who can chip away at Bastion from long range and prevent him from setting up in one location
  • His team is attacking, or on a Control map where his team has failed to gain initial control of the point

Bastion thrives in areas where:

  • There are numerous sightlines for covering common areas of attack, and ample cover behind which he can Self-Repair
  • Enemies are forced to group up in chokepoints, maximizing value from his primary weapon in both Configuration: Tank and Configuration: Sentry
  • The approach to an objective allows him to fire into attackers' flanks without standing directly on the objective and exposing himself to fire

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