Overwatch Jump Guide: Volskaya Industries

by Josh Bury Feb 11 2017

The oft-maligned Volskaya Industries nonetheless has plenty of jump routes available for cunning players.

Roof Ledge (Most Heroes)

This one seems to be a well-kept secret for some reason, but almost any hero can get to the roof of the memorial building outside Point A on Volskaya. Unfortunately, it has to be done from the back of the building, which means exposing yourself to fire from Point A as an attacker. That's why this is most often seen on defense.

This can be a disorienting place to flank from, especially if the enemy team doesn't have anyone checking the roof. Also, the roof can be a very unexpected spot for a Torbjorn turret. The reality is that most defenses won't push too far from the archway, so defending heroes on the roof need to be quick — or they'll end up dead.

To perform this jump, get into the corner, position your cursor as seen in the video and hop up. You want to get on top of the small wall you're facing, so just tap forward until you're up.

Big-bodied heroes like Reinhardt and Roadhog cannot make this jump.

Point A window (Soldier: 76)

This is a very fun map for 76, who can easily get to a lot of unexpected places. The first pair of jumps to note are to the window set into the archway before Point A. 76 can reach this window from either side.

When attacking, 76 can approach the memorial building from the left and use the car there to rocket jump to the roof. Once there, a rocket jump from the back-right corner of the roof can easily clear the gap to the window.

On defense, 76 can use the nearby truck to jump up to the window.

Point A hut (Soldier: 76, Zarya)

The hut is a constant focus when Point A is being contested, often hosting a sniper or other long-range combatant as attackers push in. From a number of different angles on the high-side, 76 can simply rocket-jump to the top of the hut. Zarya can get there from the forklift.

Once there, you've got options. Both heroes can move to the left-side balcony with another rocket-jump or just pressure the point from your current position.

Point A back wall (Soldier:76, Zarya)

Another common sniper nest is the back wall of Point A, which offers plenty of cover and the option to move between the left and right balconies. Once up there, Soldier can choose to rocket-jump over the wall. It's a bit situational and probably shouldn't be used if a Widowmaker is watching for you, but the top of the wall can slow your descent somewhat and the jump could provide a devastating opportunity for a Tactical Visor or Graviton Surge.

Point A: Forklift to Hallway (Soldier: 76, Zarya)

Both Zarya and 76 can make this jump from the top of the forklift's crate. This is a good flanking route that can catch defenders off-guard, but if it is likely to be defended, it may be safer and more practical to simply take the stairs.

Point A: Side Route (Various heroes)

This route can only be performed by certain heroes, and with some of them the jump is fairly difficult to execute. However, it allows attackers to bypass the archway chokepoint entirely and flank directly into the backline.

In rough order of easiest to most difficult, here are the heroes that can make the jump:

  • Reaper: Use Shadow Step to reach the ledge.
  • Pharah: Her flight abilities allow her to cross the gap easily.
  • Mercy: If there is an ally for her to fly to, Mercy can cross.
  • D.Va: Her boosters allow her to cross the gap, but there is a narrow margin of error.
  • Lucio: Wall-running with Amp It Up is the easiest way.
  • Tracer: Blink allows her to reach the other side when used in rapid succession.
  • Genji: Double jump, wall-running and Swift Strike combine to give him access.
  • Winston: Careful use of his jetpack allows him to bridge the gap.
  • Widowmaker: This one is very difficult, as precise timing on her Grappling Hook is needed.
  • Junkrat: This is a double-mine jump, meaning that the first must be deployed, the cooldown must elapse and then Junkrat can jump from the first and continue the jump by throwing a second.

Point B: Right-side route (Soldier:76)

The smaller gap on the right-side of Point B can be crossed by a lot of heroes, and Soldier: 76 is surprisingly one of them. Getting around behind the defenders is a classic move, but it typically happens from the opposite side, with attackers sneaking up from the low ground. This route will turn some heads, especially if you have a Tactical Visor available.

Point B: Vantage Pillar (Soldier: 76)

A bit unnecessary, perhaps, but 76 can hop up to this pillar to gain some serious height. Moving to the very back edge of the pillar can help avoid fire from defenders returning from spawn. This vantage point offers a huge field of fire for Tactical Visor.

Point B: General parkour (Soldier: 76)

Finally, there are plenty of ways to catch some air — and some kills — around Point B.

Firstly, from the raised factory floor, 76 can hop to any of the moving platforms with a Rocket Jump. This is probably best used on defense, as the platforms in question are moving away from the Point B spawn: perfect for setting up a flank on attackers bottlenecked near the factory's front door.

Soldier:76 can also jump directly onto the back ledge from the factory floor, allowing him to clear out snipers or supports in cover.

Finally, 76 is able to cross from the upper platforms using a Rocket Jump, which can provide some serious surprise. Be aware, however, that your path will have you cross the primary field of fire for both attackers and defenders.

Point B: Wall box (Zarya)

While she can't jump from the same places as 76, Zarya can use the wall box near the back ledge to reach it.