A Beginner's Guide to Roadhog

by Josh Bury Feb 6 2017
Thumbnail image courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

His equipment may look like a joke, but Roadhog is all business when it comes to eliminating opponents. His ability to hook opponents, engage enemies at close or medium range, and heal himself make him an attractive addition to many teams.


Scrap Gun's primary fire discharges a shotgun blast that is effective at close range. The secondary fire launches a shrapnel ball that travels a short distance before exploding — almost like the shotgun blast is starting further away from Roadhog.

When activating Take a Breather, Roadhog inhales from a special restorative canister attached to his gas mask, healing him for a substantial amount of his health. This is a channeled ability, so Roadhog is vulnerable while using it.

Chain Hook is arguably the most important part of Roadhog's kit. Throwing out his hook, he can pull an enemy back to him, making them easy prey for both himself and his team.

When Roadhog has had enough, he can go Whole Hog, rapidly spraying a wide arc of shrapnel that knocks enemies back for a short duration while the ability is channeled.

When is Roadhog a good choice?

Roadhog is an offensive tank who is focused on securing kills for his team. He's considered a tank because he's got a lot of health and some self-healing, but barring a savior hook or defensive Whole Hog, he doesn't have a ton of ways to protect himself or his team.

That means he's a great addition to compositions that could stand to get a bit beefier while still adding some offensive presence.

Roadhog is a good choice when:

  • The team could use more frontline presence and the ability to secure kills
  • The team has an Ana, who can use Roadhog's large health pool to charge Nano Boost easily — she can then use it on Roadhog, combined with a Whole Hog, to mow down the enemy team
  • The enemy team has a Pharah, who is vulnerable to Chain Hook at medium range

Roadhog can be difficult to play when:

  • His team has no other tank heroes, as Roadhog has a difficult time defending allies
  • The enemy team's Ana is focused on debuffing him with Biotic Grenade
  • The enemy team has snipers focused on bringing Roadhog down

Roadhog excels in areas where:

  • He can flank the enemy team and/or use elevation to hook high-value targets, like the first point on Temple of Anubis
  • He can find cover easily to heal himself with Take a Breather, like the first point of Hollywood
  • He can score environmental kills with Chain Hook or Whole Hog, like Ilios: Lighthouse or Ilios: Well

Josh "Gauntlet" Bury is a news editor for theScore esports. You can find him on Twitter.