A guide to Temple of Anubis

by theScore Staff Feb 8 2017
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It might not be controlled by a malevolent AI anymore, but Temple of Anubis remains a challenging map that requires precise strategies to win.

The ancient temple is an Assault Map that heavily favors the defense on the first point and attacking teams on the second, with plenty of long sight lines and tight corridors to maneuver around throughout the map.


Key Points

  • Flanking the enemy at the first point is key, since the defending team has a strong position that is hard to break from the front

  • The team will frequently be grouped up throughout the map, so heroes with area of effect abilities are great

  • Don’t charge down the middle route to the second point unless your team has ultimates ready, it can be a shooting gallery for the enemy

  • Travelling inside the temple itself is a good way to get behind defending teams on the second point

The greatest obstacle for attacking teams on Temple of Anubis are the two archways leading into the bazaar, which holds the first control point.

It’s a great chokepoint for defense, as nearly every hero has to travel under them to advance. Coupled with the height of the bazaar and the limited areas available for attacking teams to move around, it’s easy to see how defending teams have the advantage at the first point.

A great defensive position that is difficult to overcome

To overcome this, the attacking team’s priority should be to come at the defending team from the sides. The two rooms to the right and left of the bazaar entrance are the primary routes for flanking, though caution should be exercised as they are often trapped by a Junkrat or Symmetra.

Genji and Pharah's vertical mobility make them perfect choices for the job, while Tracer is not recommended due to the limited space for her to blink around.

While your flanker is getting behind the enemy team, it is best to push under the shield of a Reinhardt with medium range offense characters. Reinhardt’s shield is stronger for extended engagements compared to other tanks and there are limited opportunities to get in close range on this approach.

It's important that attacking teams push from multiple angles, as the chokepoint makes it extremely difficult for a team to advance as one cohesive unit.

By comparison, the second control point has multiple avenues to attack, with plenty of options for a wide variety of compositions. Long sightlines and high areas make Widowmaker or Pharah good choices, while the number of obstacles and walls allow for close ranged characters to be much more useful here than on the first point.

But the bevy of attack routes does not mean that it will be a walk in the park.

Travelling straight down the middle without several ultimates on your side is asking for death, as defending teams can pressure from two different angles to break the assault.

Instead, pressure from one of the side routes, either under the walkway from the right or preferably from inside the temple on the left. Going through the temple is preferred because there are less areas from which the defending team can fire on you, while still providing multiple paths to escape.


Key Points

  • The balcony that faces the two archways at the first point is a great place to focus your defense

  • Heroes with turrets and traps will excel at blocking the side paths to each point to either delay the enemy or force them to push forward

  • To compensate for the number of ways to attack the second point, hug the left side to reduce flanking opportunities

Defending teams have a much better position at the start of Temple of Anubis due to the major chokepoint before the bazaar, and the defense should focus on this location accordingly.

There is a balcony directly across from it that is a great location to make a stand, as it provides a clear line of sight to the archways and is easily defendable with a tank’s shield, preferably Reinhardt. Bastion, Torbjörn, Pharah and Junkrat are great choices to use in this section, since their splash damage and turrets are great at disrupting attacking formations.

Defending teams need to be careful of the two doors on either side of the archway, and should place traps or have one hero dedicated to watching either spot.

If someone gets through, quickly pick them off or else the continued pressure may cause your defensive position to collapse. By limiting the angles which opponents can attack, and by sticking together, you should be able to come out of the first point on top.

The left side of the second control point is a strong defensive position

If worst comes to worst and you have to fall back to defend the second point, it gets a lot harder for the defending team. There are multiple paths to defend, and extending too far forward will result in an easy pick-off for the attackers. To compensate, group up around the left side of the point, as it has the best line of sight for defense. Keep one short range hero watching the inside of the temple in case of a flank, but otherwise focus on grouping the team together on and around left side to make it harder for the attacking team to break through.

Since you're team is now grouped together, a change of heroes may be necessary. While area of effect heroes like Junkrat and Pharah are still useful, it is best to switch out turrets for range, using a Soldier 76 or McCree to harass enemies from a distance. Mei is useful with her Ice Walls, which can divide the enemy team is used properly, while Lucio proves to be the healer of choice thanks to the small area to move around.

Character Tips and Tricks


  • Genji is great for flanking on attack, as he can climb walls and reach higher areas quickly to take out enemies on the backline quicker than other heroes

  • Pharah is strong on both attack and defense, since both teams will be frequently bunched up together, allowing her to deal plenty of splash damage with her rockets


  • A good Widowmaker can be invaluable for either team, as there are plenty of locations for her to grapple to and hit enemies from a safe distance

  • Bastion and Torbjörn can be instrumental to a successful defense, as the raised section just ahead of the chokepoint on the first point is perfect for turrets to fire away at attacking teams


  • If D.Va is the secondary tank, she can quickly fill in the role of a flanker on the first point if needed. If she can harass the backline or cause the defending team to abandon their position to chase after her, her high health and armor will enable her to continue to fight long after other heroes would fall


  • As both teams group up often, Lucio is a solid pick for healer on attack and defense, though he should not be the primary support on defense due to the need to defend multiple entry points

  • Mercy is a good pick for your side on defense. She can solo heal teams defending the first point without much difficulty due to most heroes remaining in her line of sight. Resurrection is, as always, invaluable for turning around a bad defense

  • Symmetra can create kill rooms around the chokepoint on the first point and the side routes on the second, frustrating many attacking teams

  • Long sightlines are perfect for Ana players, no matter which team she is on

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