Tips and Tricks for Lijiang Tower

by theScore Staff Feb 13 2017
Thumbnail image courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

Lijiang Tower is a Control Map where players gradually climb the eponymous tower, starting in the bustling markets at its base before ending up at control center at the top. Each map requires different tactics to succeed, so here are some tips and tricks to help get you started.

General Strategies

  • Like all Control maps, Winston is an excellent pick. His barrier is perfect for capturing or defending a control point, and his Jump Pack is a strong initiation tool.
  • Pharah is great across all three maps, as there is plenty of space for her to fly around and hit targets in the air. She can also use Concussive Blast to knock enemies into the many bottomless pits, which make for great Plays of the Game and may result in said opponent quitting the game forever. The last bit may not be true, but it's a nice thought.
  • Lúcio's speed boost allows for your team to get back into the fight earlier, which is a necessity in Control maps.

Night Market

  • Most of the action will revolve around the pagoda, meaning a good sniper can secure a few pick offs thanks to the great sight lines around the shops.
  • Due to the number of entryways to the control point, attacking from multiple angles is a solid strategy, particularly if the opponents' defense revolves around one tank.
  • Turrets, either from a Bastion or Torbjörn, can be used to great effect on the control point itself, as it is difficult for them to be destroyed due to being inside a building. One of the two corners that is next to the main path to the pagoda is best for this, though it is much more effective if Reinhardt's barrier is used to prevent damage.


  • Heroes with crowd control ultimates like Zarya can have a field day if the opposing team is frequently bunched up together. However, the point itself is divided in half by a wall, so it is best to use ultimates and crowd control abilities on one of the bridges.
  • As almost every route leading to the control point requires passing over a bridge, Mei is a solid choice due to Ice Wall's ability to block off an entire bridge easily.
  • If the hero is capable, jumping over the gap surrounding the control point can catch opposing players off guard and is quicker and safer than travelling through another route.

Control Center

  • Unlike other maps, most of the action in Control Center will take place in tight, enclosed spaces with little room to move around in on the ground. Besides Hanzo, snipers should stay clear here.
  • As the above point implies, characters that excel at close quarters combat will excel here. Reaper, Tracer and Roadhog are all solid choices as a result, though.
  • An underused route to the control point is the stairwell that runs outside of the control point, ending at a ledge that overlooks the point itself. It's a great vantage point, and an offensive hero like Soldier: 76 can easily secure a kill or two if he can get there undetected.

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